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GREEVES Sport 32 DC in France

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  • GREEVES Sport 32 DC in France

    Hello all , Based in Burgundy in France , close to Dijon Prenois car race track , I'm new comer on this interesting website. 2 days ago, I bought an interesting GREEVES 32 DC twin dated from 1961 and registrered in France ,think this is very rare in France. Frame number indicated is 61/ 4239 and engine N? 2220/438. Is someone kown more aout this model ? Production Numbers ? Total survivor ? My new bike is unfortunatly not totally complete , and i'm in need of the front wheel (or brake), seat, and complete front light / support as well speedo. I would be gratefull if someone could help to complete my new bike, then restauration will begin ! . Cheers Xavier

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    Xavier the 32DC was quite a popular model 186 made in 1961 (50 survivors known) followed by 32 in 1962 & 8 in 1963 plus 6 in 1966 for USA (20 survivors known). The engine number on your bike will be 222D 1438 which is the correct 3T engine and possibly the original. Used parts are available from time to time, Keep an eye on eBay etc. The front wheel is common to other roadsters as is the headlamp unit & speedo. New seats are available from they can also carry out restoration of the complete bike to a very high standard should you wish to take that route.
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      Thank you for your informations John, do we have a chance to know who was the first owner in the registration ?


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        No bike looks to be sold direct to France.


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          Hello, I need to order news front and rear rims , as mine are too much rusted, anyboby know what are the right size ? WM1 for front and WM2 for rear ? Thanks for confirmation


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            Yes WM1 x 19 inch front and WM2 x 18 inch rear