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  • 25DB Rebuild

    Well it has been a busy 5 Months since I bought the 25DB from Villiers Services but I have enjoyed nearly every minute of it !!
    I could not have done my first Greeves Rebuild without a great deal of help from many helpful Members on this site who did not seem to mind my stream of questions (sorry Gary) in particular I would like to thank Gary Bamford, Paul Powel, Les Yarde, Adrian Dickerson, John Wakefield and Villiers Services who have all provided Parts, Advice and valid suggestions.
    I have to say the GRA is a life saver when it comes to keeping these bikes on the Road / Dirt.
    I have attached a few Photos and hopefully will see some of the Members when we get back to normal and also when the weather changes just a little !!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20200610_183938.jpg
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Name:	20200616_112141.jpg
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    Nice job Peter


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      Well done peter and well saved looks so different now


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        A job well done Peter, I was only too pleased to help out, another roadster saved. Well done. Regards Les.


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          Well done Peter you have done a very good job. I hope that you enjoy riding it. Mike


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            A lovely job Peter ! I am following the same route as you with a DC, but still very early days for me.


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              That looks beautiful, I'll be well pleased if mine turns out half as good, did you do everything yourself?


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                Thanks for the comment Modelman, yes I did all the rebuild in my garage but not without help from a number of GRA Members. Just a little frustrated at the moment as although I know the Reg number I do not have a Log Book and so far the DVLA have taken 7 Months to do nothing except acknowledge my application, so I sill have not ridden it !!!


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                  Peter.You need to chase DVLA up, the application for a V5c (I assume you submitted form V62 and £25) should not take 7 months even in these Covid times. Maybe correspondence has been lost in post. I note the bike has been untaxed since May 1984, In view of this DVLA will probably want additional info from you, current pics, bill of sale etc before they will issue new V5c. I suggest you ring them.

                  XYJ 874

                  Tax due:
                  18 May 1994

                  Vehicle make GREEVES
                  Date of first registration October 1960
                  Year of manufacture 1960
                  Cylinder capacity 248 cc
                  CO₂ emissions Not available
                  Fuel type PETROL
                  Euro status Not available
                  Real Driving Emissions (RDE) Not available
                  Export marker No
                  Vehicle status Untaxed
                  Vehicle colour BLUE
                  Vehicle type approval Not available
                  Wheelplan 2 WHEEL
                  Revenue weight Not available
                  Date of last V5C (logbook) issued 19 January 1995
                  Last edited by John Wakefield; 14/02/2021, 04:20 PM.


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                    Yes I filled out all the correct Docs and sent the Photos of Chassis Number / Engine Number and the Finished Bike, I had a telephone call from them in November saying the Photos had been lost so I sent them an Email with all Photos attached which they acknowledged, they then sent me a letter 3 weeks ago asking where I had purchased it from and what changes I had made to the Original Specification I replied that "everything" was as per the Original registration and pointing out once again that all I had requested was a Replacement V5C and that I had filled out the correct V62 document and sent the required £25 , I had a further email on Monday this week saying the all docs had now been sent to the relevant department.
                    You never know I may get the requested Doc within 12 months of the Original application, fingers crossed !!!!


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                      Peter. The problem would have been because you did not have the old V5c,The DVLA would have written to the previous keeper, they could have moved, died or just not responded. So there would have been a period of waiting for the reply, probably at least a month. DVLA were employing an agency to visit the applicant and inspect the bike, I suspect that this has been curtailed due to covid. DVLA are also under pressure themselves with employees working from home so that could cause delays. They certainly have tightened up on re issue of V5c's where there has not been a previous V5c available, lots of fraudulent claims have caused this, Looks like you should get the V5c shortly.


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                        I have owned a Bultaco 199B 340 Sherpa for about 17 years but only recently discovered that it was road registered. I used the online V62 form and sent it off with a cheque for £25 and received the V5C a week ago. The transaction took about 4 weeks in total with no issues.
                        Forgot to add that the bike had not been taxed since 1986
                        Last edited by sherpatensing; 17/02/2021, 09:10 AM.


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                          SherpaT (Martin) there seems to be an inconsistency in the time taken, I suppose it depends on who's desk at DVLA it falls on. It of course also depends upon what response the DVLA get back from previous owner, if it was stated as stolen or scrapped it would prompt further investigation. As you will well know from your previous working days, remember the East Coaster which had been 'rung' and took several months to get sorted.