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    Contact info would be appreciated. An email address would be great! I have seen aluminum tanks on ebay, but the original look of the machine is lost with them. They are expensive and would be my 2nd choice. I know that original tank and fenders can't be used except for display.

    I bought an AJS 18cs at the same auction. It had been used as a dirt bike. The piston was also stuck, with a lot of white corrosion on it, and debris in there. We got it freed up yesterday with considerable beating and Kroil. We might get away with a hone and new rings. I originally thought that the AJS would be the more difficult of the 2 to free up, and it wasn't that bad so I'm hopeful the Greeves will cooperate too. The AJS had a very heavy duty piston. Is the Greeves piston strong/heavy duty or do I need to be gentle freeing it? Anything I should be wary of?

    Many Thanks!


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      Challenger piston is not particularly heavy, oregun, but you might need to be aware of the need to turn the barrel through 90 degrees after extracting the through bolts before attempting to lift it off of even a free piston ............

      Will PM you now with contact info re Roger Ennis.

      Good luck with sorting your Challenger.

      John R


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        Thank you John R for that info! Freeing up the Greeves could be very difficult depending on the piston location. Sounds like rotating the barrel may be necessary because of ring hang up? I hope the piston was on compression when it stuck, and I can get the bolts out.

        Thanks again!


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          I have been given a 20dc Roadster standard steel hub to replace the smashed British Hub Company full width Ally hub !! There are no spacers on it and I wanting to get a rim built on it and I assume the wheel builder will want the correct thickness spacers on each side to build the wheel central !! I can't measure the fork bottom gap cos they are too badly damaged and that's another thing I need a complete set of forks, don't need the top shrouds or headlamp etc !! The ally brake plate with shoes is complete and OK if anybody is looking for one !!


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            Here are some drawings for the tin hub which may be of help. There are more drawings on hubs in the members area posted by Brian Thompson some years ago. but you need to me a GRA member to see it.
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              Since the piston is stuck on this 24MX1, I took the tank off to be able to pour some Kroil down the spark plug hole. It had a spark in it I have not seen before it was an F 220 KLG. Could that be the original plug? It has an unusual electrode on the bottom also. Is there a spark plug made today that is an excellent match? This one looks like new, and of course could have been ordered at a later date and is a replacement.
              One thing about the previous owner is that he never sold anything, so if he didn't like this bike as much as another he acquired, he would have just parked it, I think that is what happened, His estate was incredible. He didn't collect motorcycles, but he did collect bicycles, he had hundreds, and Early Fords too, T's, A's, & B's.



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                  I took off the tape-repaired front fender yesterday, to inspect the damage. The crack runs about halfway across. What I found so interesting is how light(11oz) and flimsy it is. That fender was not designed to withstand any abuse. The way it is mounted doesn't appear a generic fender would be an easy replacement. Looks like Greeves must have wanted to sell a lot of replacement fenders. I haven't seen any mods on other bikes yet, to see how they may have gotten around that odd mount design.


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                    Update on the stuck piston....I poured some Kroil down the spark plug hole about 10 days ago. I gave the kick start a push today, and the engine now turns over. I feel lucky it wasn't stuck hard.