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    Hello everyone after nearly 45 years i have finally been able to buy a greeves Scottish and I was looking for some advise when I bought it it came with some spares which included the correct exhaust and a set of lights which have never been fitted .Had anybody managed to fit lights before and how difficult is this to achieve also who is the best dealer in England for nos parts for greeves or villiers engines.

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    Easy to fit QD direct lighting, (Greeves offered them as an optional extra) just wire up to large pin of the two pin socket on crank case, earth return via frame. Headlight 30watt rear 6 watt should be about right. If it still has the lighting coils. (see wiring diagram attached) Any pics or further details of bike ie frame number? Villiers (and some Greeves bits) from Villiers Services
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      Welcome to the Club, Dave. You'll find plenty of helpful and friendly advice on here, and there are lists of suppliers of parts, drawings and further guidance documents available via Leading Link, the Club newsletter, if you're a Member.


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        Thanks John my greeve s is a 1960 model


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          Good morning Dave.
          I have a 1960 24TCS.
          I also ran a brake light, Which was required for MOT here in Australia, via the small pin, and from memory is run by the coil sitting a 9.00. The ones at 12.00 and 6.00 run the lights. The one at 3.00 is you ignition coil.