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Hello from norfolk! (and a bit of a story)

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  • Hello from norfolk! (and a bit of a story)

    Hi all! I've just been handed a rather sorry looking Greeves 25DD (i belive her frame number is 225DD114) and I thought I'd better make myself known as I can see myself frequenting these forums a LOT!

    But first, I think I'd better make the recent history of my bike plain as some of the keener-witted forum members may jump to the wrong conclusions!

    My grandfather has owned this lovely machine since 1995, and although he never really put any miles on It he always intended to return it to the road. He was a keen motorcyclist in his youth, and later built and raced 'specials' with the 750MC to reasonable succsess and later as an engineer at lotus cars. so I always trusted his opinion when he said his Greeves was one of the best british bikes! the bike was left to it's own devices while shooting fishing and canal-boating took most of his time. Until around a year ago, when local thieves broke in and helped themselves to one of his most prized possesions (see the stolen bikes section) luckily it was recovered a short time later, but not before it had been well and truly savaged. the rear mudguard and handlebars were crudely hacksawed off (I assume to hide it's identity) and it was partially stripped. Once recovered the bike came to reside with me, as we did not feel it prudent to return it to the scene of the crime. After some conversation with my grandfather (now sadly suffering the ravages of dementia) he made it known he would like me to restore his beloved Greeves and return it to it's rightful place, On the queen's highway.

    Although I'm a freelance mechanic/engineer and I'm no stranger to restoration work (mainly vintage trucks, tractors, and stationary engines etc). This is my first real bike! I don't even currently hold a bike license, although this seems like a great excuse to finally get my act together and get one!

    I hope to do this bike (and my Grandfather) the justice it deserves, The poor thing has had a tough time of it lately and I'd like to treat her right. and hopefully, before too long, she'll be buzzing down the byways of norfolk, and being enjoyed and cherished for a long time to come.

    -Floydism (Leon)

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    Hello Leon, and welcome to the Club! A great story there, and nice to see the connection with the previous posting under "Stolen bikes".

    You're in the right place for advice and assistance with restoring the bike to its former glory, though it would be even more accessible with full Membership of the GRA. You'll then be able to delve further into the depths of information on here, and you'll be provided with lists of further resources printed in the house newsletter, Leading Link.

    I'm just "down the road" in Suffolk , although more into competition bikes, but there are similarities so if you feel I might be able to give first-hand help, please feel free to Message me on here.

    Good luck with your venture.

    John R


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      Best of luck Leon with the rebuild, here is the thread from the 'Stolen thread' including a pic of the bike. Its a 24DD 'Essex' by the way.


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        Application form is in the post! I have some GRA letters in my possesion welcoming My grandfather (Barry Louis Petty) into the GRA from way back in '95 and although I do vaguely recall seeing copies of leading-link knocking about, I'm fairly sure he let his membership expire.

        Also, where would the frame number be located exactly? I've not actually come across it on the bike itself, I may have simply overlooked it, but I've got a feeling it was removed with an angle-grinder during it's recent abduction.

        yes I know there are proper places for such a question I will post there in future!


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          Frame number is at top of alloy beam on LH side (see example posted)
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            Thanks, I'd missed it in the dark! (she's tucked away in a corner until I've finished with some of my customers machines) the first couple of numbers are a little damaged. but it's still there.