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GRA Membership-upgrading status on the forum

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  • GRA Membership-upgrading status on the forum

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how I change from basic user to GRA member, I have received my GRA membership card but still got basic user on the forum, is there something I have to do? sorry I have looked around the web site but can't see anything (being in Australia it's probably upside down and can't see it)


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    Basic User to Greeves Member

    Hi Stuart.

    As it's midnight here, I dare say most of the Admin Staff are in bed. How it works is that they, (Usually Rob Thornton), checks your status and adjusts your level of membership on the Forum.

    Probably, tomorrow, this will be done, There is, (somewhere) on here an explanation of this....don't ask me where.....I consider it a victory if I can find the GRA Website!

    I'll keep an eye open on this. Just in case.

    Peter R.


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      GRA Membership

      Thanks Peter, it took 23 days by post to get here, so I thought I better check.



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        S' think you've got problems, I live 15 miles from Birmingham City Centre, and it takes about 23 days for most of my post to reach me from there!

        I'm off to bed now, it's -5 degrees here, heavy frost everywhere.......Unlike you who must be at the start of summer.....Want to swop locations?

        All the best P.R.


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          Forum Membership Upgrade For GRA Members.

          Welcome aboard Stuart, and good for you!

          Here's a link to the thread with the info you need;

          It's in the 'New Members' section, and it's the very first thread right at the top of the page (what's known as a 'sticky' because it never moves from that position), with the title "GRA Members - IMPORTANT NOTICE ON UPGRADING FORUM MEMBERSHIP FROM 'BASIC USER'. !

          Don't forget that there is a 'search' option on the main toolbar at the top on the page. Open this up and type in a term (i.e. forum membership upgrade) and every relevent post or thread (depending which you select) will pop up. You'll find there are quite a few on this topic....!

          Hope this helps.

          Right....I'm off to bed! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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            forum membership upgrade

            Hi, I received my GRA membership this morning, could you upgrade my forum membership, thanks and a happy new year to you.
            Best regards, Steve Cooper


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              Steve, you are upgraded! Welcome to the GRA and I hope you will find membership useful.

              There is plenty of info within the Club so don't be afraid to ask!

              Best wishes for the New Year.



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                upgraded membership

                Hi GRA,
                Just to notify yourselves I have emailed my completed form and sent a payment via PayPal to upgrade my account.

                also anyone know who to talk to about getting a dating letter for my griffon, to road register it?

                thanks David Webb


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                  Hi David.

                  Email me on and I can help with getting the Griffon registered.

                  Colin Sparrow


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                    upgraded membership

                    Hi all, sorry for being a pain. Roughly how long will it take for me membership status to be updated?
                    Thanks David


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                      Originally posted by webby16 View Post
                      Hi all, sorry for being a pain. Roughly how long will it take for me membership status to be updated?
                      Thanks David
                      Hi David,
                      I can see that your payment has come through on PayPal, but I haven't got your form via email.
                      Please could you check that you sent it to:

                      I'm sure Rob will upgrade you once we have your details on file!

                      Andrew Barnett
                      Membership Secretary


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                        Thanks for that, well that's clears that up I sent it to the wrong email address.


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                          Thanks David, I have it now and will be sending your membership pack to you today.



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                            David - you are now upgraded! Sorry for the delay but I have been away for a few days.

                            Welcome to the GRA and also the Forum and I hope you find both very useful.