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  • Posting Albums.

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I've just completed uploading my first 'Album' of photographs on the forum. It's something I've been meaning to have a go at doing for a while, so it's good to have finally got around to it.

    It can be found on my 'Profile Page'. Scroll down the screen (on my profile) and you'll find the 'Albums' menu over on the right hand side. Another way to access it is to click on to 'Community' on the main Toolbar (as you would if you were looking for the Forum 'Membership' List) and then click the 'Pictures and Albums' icon.

    Whenever you access an album, you'll see that by clicking on any of the images it will give an enlarged view, and by scrolling down the screen (when looking at the enlarged image) there is provision to leave a comment, or to add further info/details. Please feel free to do so!

    Before posting the album I sought a little guidance from the rest of the moderation team, and would like to add the following points for forum members to consider. Please post a reply here if anyone has anything to add;

    1.) If any member objects to having a picture of their bike (or details) in the 'public domain', please send me a PM and the picture will be removed straight away. Where the bike/subject was photographed at a show, it is assumed as being in the public domain.

    2.) If members intend to upload their own albums (fingers crossed-yes please etc!), please do think about numberplates being in shot. Again if the pic is from a show it is assumed as being in the public domain. I've always obsured them (using 'Paint' software on my computer) when the image has come from another source.

    3.) If any members do intend to upload an album (or two!), it might be
    a good suggestion to have a 'theme' and group the pics accordingly.

    4.) Also, do let us know that you've uploaded an album by leaving a post here, on this thread. I think the forum software has ways of updating us of these things but I'm still learning about it all!

    Hope everyone enjoys the pics anyway. More 'Albums' on other themes/events to follow in due course!

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    Problems reported accessing my 'Album'.....

    It seems people are having problems accessing my album. Thanks to everyone who's been in touch to let me know.

    Albums can be set to 'Private' or 'Public' settings, and as mine is set to the latter it should in theory be accessable by all forum members.

    Sorry that we seem to having a few problems with this feature. I will get on to Ian (forum admin) and try and find out what the problem is, and will report back here as soon as I know something.

    Thanks for your patience everyone, and I hope the wait will be worthwhile (and not too long!)

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      Normal Service Has Been Resumed!

      I swapped a couple of emails with forum admin Ian this morning, and as a result I'm happy to say that everyone should now be able to view my albums, as well as post their own. I've also uploaded a second album of pics in the meantime.

      Ian found that the forum software was (somewhat strangely) set so that forum members couldn't view albums, as we had found! Ian has been able to rectify this, and many thanks to him for his prompt action in sorting this out for us.

      To check the system works ok, I'd be really grateful if a 'Basic User' member could try and access my albums too, as a couple of 'GRA Members' have already reported back to say that they can now access them ok. If it works ok could you please let me know via a reply here, or with a PM-thanks.

      Also, I'd like to see how the 'comments' feature works, especially with regard to how any 'notifications' may appear. With this in mind, could someone please leave a comment under one of the pics as I'd like to see what happens.

      Hope everyone enjoys the pics, and there will be more to follow in due course, so watch this space!

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        Viewing new 'Albums' the easy way.

        It seems the most convienient way to view albums is to go in via the 'Community' link (then click 'Pictures and Albums'.)

        Doing it this way shows any new albums that have been posted, as well as all albums previously posted. Handy for keeping track of any new ones, and saves having to draw attention to it via posting something. Neat software!

        One more thing....Please do remember to try and keep to the file size specs required for pics when uploading albums (and on posts.) Anything too big is likely to be automatically rejected (or take forever to upload, if at all), so please follow the directions and resize your pics to the specified size as required. Thanks everyone, as it helps to conserve our bandwidth!

        Looking forward to seeing a few more pics from members!



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          Adding New Albums.

          Hi everyone,

          I just wanted to flag up that forum member wfo47w has just uploaded a very interesting album of pics so that no one misses it. Thanks Dean, some great pics there.

          I'm going to look into this and see if there is anything we can do about it, but as things are at the moment, once an album 'disappears' from the Community page (a while after it was originally uploaded), it then only seems to appear on the member's (who posted it) profile page with the potential not to be seen again....

          It seems that currently the only way to view the public albums is to go through the member list and see if anyone has uploaded any, which isn't ideal.... I have seen other forums where there is a page where all albums/folders are shown, and perhaps we can do something similar on our forum? I'll report back if I can make any progress with it.

          In the meantime, members who have currently uploaded albums are;

          Brian Thompson.

          If you want to view them they can be accessed on each member's own profile page; Click 'Community' then 'Members List', then find the members profile page from the alphabetical listing and click on to it as usual-'albums' are down on the right of the users profile page-simply click on one to view it.

          May I once again suggest that until we can find a solution to this problem, if all members can please post an announcment here that they have uploaded a new album, at least we will all know that a new one has been uploaded.

          Thanks everyone, and I'll see what I can do about it.

          Last edited by Brian Thompson; 20/11/2010, 01:55 PM. Reason: Review and tidy-up.


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            Just re read this thread by Brian. There does not seem to be a quick way of knowing which members have created albums. Is there not a way that those members with albums can be identified from the members list in the same way as their icon.