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Attaching pics and albums.

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  • Attaching pics and albums.

    Following recent enquires from forum users about how to attach pics to their posts, I thought it might help to post some general info. The 'User guide' we have prepared for new forum users is currently being reworked, but in the meantime click on the 'FAQ' tab in the toolbar at the top of the main page, second from left for full instructions (more on this in a moment.)

    1.) Please note that 'Basic users' may not be able to attach pics to their posts. You need to be registered as a 'GRA Member' to do so, and will also gain access to the exclusive 'Members only' areas of the forum as an additional benefit.

    2.) In order to upgrade to 'GRA Member' you need to be a fully paid up member of the GRA. Full details, along with a downloadable membership form, can be found on the GRA website at if required.

    3.) If you register on the forum (as a 'Basic user') and are a GRA member, you need to send Rob an email at and he will be happy to upgrade you to 'GRA member' on the forum. We keep an eye out for any members we know who sign up here so that we can upgrade them 'automatically', but the quickest way would be to for users to send a quick email to Rob.

    4.) Uploading pics as attachments to posts;

    Everything is clearly explained in the FAQ section. To access it....

    Click on the 'FAQ' tab / click on the 'Reading and Posting Messages' tab, from the menu in the lower left hand side at the bottom of the page / click on the 'Attachments and Images' tab in the new menu. You will find all the instructions you need there.

    5.) Creating Albums;

    Click on the FAQ tab / click on the 'User Profile Features' tab from the menu / click on the 'Albums and Pictures' tab from the new menu. You will find the instructions you need there.

    Please be aware that your pics and attachments MUST be of the right size, otherwise they will be rejected! No huge pics please!!! Details of the maximum allowed sizes for pics and files (depending on what format they are, i.e. jpeg, pdf, etc) are given in the upload information. You may need to 'resize' some of your pics (usually make them smaller) before uploading.

    Hope this helps,

    Last edited by Brian Thompson; 12/05/2010, 09:21 PM.