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  • Period Leather pants

    I've always felt that a major part of classic scrambling is presentation - looking the part as well as going as fast as you deem prudent. For the last couple of years, I've gone halfway, with open face helmet & jofa, football jersey, and as plain black a pair of modern boots as I could find. I have always felt my Yamaha blue/white synthetic pants didn't cut it. So when I come over this year, I hope to suss out a more classic pair of leather pants. As my focus is much more towards pre60 & 65 these days, I would even lean towards a bib&braces outfit. Any suggestions as to where? Bear in mind my delicate size 40 waistline!
    Cheers, Mike

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    New Pants

    Hey, as you write "when I come over" I`m guessing you are State Side ?
    Just to save you any enbarressment, when shopping for your new kit try asking for trousers, (as opposed to leather Bib and Brace Pants)or you may end up with a pair of German Lederhosen,
    great for down the pub on a Friday night in Frankfurt, however Sunday afternon at a pre 65 meeting, you may be left feeling some what exposed !
    Different Countries different meanings, enjoy the shopping, and don`t
    worry about the 40 inches, there are a few of us with more !!


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      You could contact Adrian Walker at Spinning Wheel Classics and ask him to find you some if you dont mind paying dealer prices. See

      Dr Keith Beach


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        Sorry, Sprocket. I may have been born in the USA, but I've lived in Australia for many years. I went to the championship round at Pontrilas in 2011, and noticed riders wearing leather old style trousers. I wondered if any local firms still produced them to order. I've got my original pair in reasonable condition, but I've lost that slim, athletic figure I once had.
        Cheers, Mike


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          Is there anyone out there who has a leather maker who still can make up a pair of leathers in the classic style. No one at home even tries - not enough demand.
          I'll be in the UK for 3 mths from end May, and would very much like to have a set measured up while I'm in the area.


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            period leather pants

            I don't know about leather but a few years ago I got some all black modern style moto cross pants, no colour anywhere, modern protection, waterproof and comfortable, I used them for trail riding, a few offs and no problems.

            I seem to remember I got them from Alec/Alan Wright, the chap who runs the Telford Show?

            Not a bad alternative if leather not available.


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              That would be Alan Wright. Alec is no longer. I still have my leather jeans, but they seem to have shrunk somewhat!


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                Originally posted by Brian Catt View Post
                I still have my leather jeans, but they seem to have shrunk somewhat!
                Strange how they do that, isn't it?
                Colin Sparrow


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                  I`ve had three jackets suffer the same fate, apparently!, its because the air is less humid in a wardobe....


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                    period leather pants

                    I can still do them up, It's just that I can't hold my breath for very long afterwards.