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  • Emails from Colin Sparrow

    A number of members have received 'unusual' emails from Colin's email account. His account has been hacked so please delete and don't respond or you may find that you are on a list of 'live' email accounts being sold to spammers and hackers all over the planet!
    I just had a telephone conversation with Colin and he is aware of the situation, but understandably upset about it!

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    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the notification and yes, I had one too.....

    It was titled 'Catching Up!' and a brief message along the lines of 'can we catch up online for a few minutes because I can't speak on the phone as I have painful laryngitis', which straight the way flagged up as suspicious to me as obviously anybody that knows Colin would recognise his voice if it was legit. I checked the email address and it all came up ok and matched what was in my contacts list so because it was Colin (!) I decided to reply with a short 'Hi Colin, what's up?'.

    The good news is that my reply immediately bounced back as 'undeliverable' due to a long list of reasons provided that basically came down to the fact that the account wasn't recognised. As such it seems as though action has been taken to close the account so hopefully no harm done. As Andy says, if you got/get one don't reply, just delete it.

    The parasites that do this stuff make me sick, just like the SCUM that recently stole Ian's beautiful Grumph denying him the chance to enjoy the fruits of his hard work, time and money...he'd hardly ridden it and I doubt very much they have the chops to create something like that for themselves. I live in hope that come the revolution, these 'see you next Tuesday's' will be the first ones to be eaten.

    Please pass on my best wishes to Colin if you speak to him again Andy and hope he's doing ok.

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      Colin seems fine, just understandably miffed about having been hacked. He has been pleased to make contact with a number of old acquaintances on the phone because of the dodgy sounding email. Every cloud has a silver lining!