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Greeves Championship - heading North to Cumbria ?

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  • Greeves Championship - heading North to Cumbria ?


    Dave Harper wants to work out if there is a demand for a Greeves round in Cumbria 23/24 April 2022

    Bryan Wade, Alan Clough, Vic Allen and Freddie Mayes potentially attending.
    3 Greeves races on the Saturday
    Open classes on the Sunday
    And road ride out for those with road bikes
    Anyone interested please add your names below or to the Greeves restoration posting on Facebook

    Cheers John

    This post is also on the Greeves Restoration and Greeves Motorcycle Enthusiasts Facebook pages.

    Note for information: There are Pre65 meetings 17/4 and 01/05 then with Mortimer on 08/05.

    At least 2 Greeves 100 miler teams appear to be heading for Cumbria - great track and perfect practice for Mortimer

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    Thanks for posting, John.

    Good to see that Dave is back into sorting "away" meetings for his Championship, away from Essex and Mortimer, that is.

    Have fond memory of a previous visit for the Greeves Championship to Cumbria in, I think, about 2016. Came out of (one of) my retirements for that one, enticed by kind offer of loan of bike by Kim Morley. Kim will probably be interested in this latest proposal (?). My wife and I had already booked a week's holiday in the Lake District so that suited us fine at the time.

    Seem to remember that paddock access and manoeverability was a bit of a challenge .............. you definitely needed 4-wheel drive! Course itself was less so.

    As you say, timely preparation for Mortimer ..........

    Take care all.

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      Thank John R or your help as always,

      I hope you and the family are well.

      May be we could get you the loan of Ian Bain's magnificent Hawkstone or even get Ian to attend?

      It's probably due a run-out, long time since its last red Marley run.

      Take care, I must send you a long email soon to catch up

      Kind regards John


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        Just a note, the dates clash with the Stafford Classic Bike Show. That may or may not be an issue for anyone, but worth noting.

        Ian C.


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          Thank you Ian,
          that's worth knowing.
          Kind regards J


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            Have heard from Dave H that the venue for Cumbria scrambles is in a different location to the one we visited for the previous Greeves Championship round mentioned. It is easy to access, easier in fact than most other paddocks used for Pre 65 scrambles, so no need for 4-wheel drive! The riding track is longer and more interesting too and very different from the one used previously.
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              Thank you John, for those of you interested, we need too know within the next 7 days.