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24 hour ride around Ipswich on a 25DB

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  • 24 hour ride around Ipswich on a 25DB This interesting piece of film taken in 1960 of a 24 hour endurance run by members of the Ipswich Motorcycle & Car Club. The bike a 25DB Sports Twin 493PPU (frame No 59/2706) is still around & taxed, last known with George Swietilk, of Littlehampton. The bike was originally registered to Invacar 27/4/59, first owner is listed as Invacar so looks like it was maybe a demo bike. It went from Invacar to Patricia Hudson of Westcliffe on Sea 30/8/60 ( I wonder if she was a relative of Bert Greeves, or maybe worked at the factory)) and then traded onto Dave Bickers Motorcycles, Ipswich 25/2/63, and then sold to David Taylor of Woodbridge Anyone recognise any of the riders?
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    Nice find, John. Loving the old cars. It made me laugh, because no-one, including our man, stopped for the poor chap waiting to cross on the zebra crossing. He stepped off nervously eventually, glancing at the oncoming Ford Popular, hoping it would stop! Those were the days....

    Ian C.


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      Yes and the bike still exists & is restored with our member George Swietilk I have sent him a link to the film. He also tell me that the bike was used in Motor Cycle road test in 1959. Nice bit of provenance.
      Have just been in formed that Patricia Hudson was Derry Preston Cobbs sister - Thanks Simon Hatcliffe for this piece of information
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