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    I've just got my frames back from being powder coated, I had the alloy beams aqua-blasted at the same time. The trouble is, they are too good! The standard of "sparkle" you get from aqua-blasting looks out of place. Any ideas on how to tone it down, short of throwing the frames back in the canal for a couple of years?

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    Funny you should say that! I have just got a frame back from the blasters & powder-coaters, and it looks as though the beam has been blasted with coarse shot. We are at opposite ends of the spectrum here! I was thinking of having it vapour blasted to try to improve it, but maybe I won't now. I have cleaned up beams previously by wire brushing, which works well enough. You could try an inconspicuous area, maybe the very bottom of the beam, to see how it looks. It is a shame, because it probably cost you fair money. Are you able to post a photo?

    Another option could be to matt lacquer it. The factory lacquered the beams back in the day, but I don't think anyone bothers now. No doubt others will come up with ideas.

    I am about to test an area of mine with a wire brush.

    Ian C.


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      Ian, this is what to expect from aqua-blasting. Looks great on the crank cases, but not sure about the beams. I'll live with it, I'm sure they'll get grungy again soon enough.

      Click image for larger version

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        That looks pretty good to me Kevin, and it should make cleaning easier. I would live with it too, and I certainly wouldn't take a wire brush to it! That method is working on mine though, so all good.

        Ian C.


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          I think that looks great. Just what you need for a show standard restoration.
          Colin Sparrow


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            Looks great.
            Give it a couple of coats of 'Clear Coat'