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    Originally posted by John Wakefield View Post
    Dave Pink was selling I think a full set a month or so back, He did have a buyer, but last time I spoke to him they had not been collected Deano I will PM you Dave's number.
    John going next Saturday to pick them up
    so thank you


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      Originally posted by Brian Thompson View Post

      The article mentioned, the definitive account of the Greeves 'Scottish' models and their development written by Andrew King and published in 'Leading Link' 143 has already been scanned (many moons ago!) due to it's importance/relevance and can be found here;

      Further general info to help get you started on your research can be found here, as well as elsewhere on the forum for more specific topics (there's loads if you spend a bit of time searching out what you need)…. order to be able to read/access the above links you will need to get your forum status updated from 'Basic User' to 'GRA Member' as most of the material I've scanned/posted of this nature is in the 'GRA Members Only' area of the forum (for obvious reasons....) I believe Ian Thornton is the man to contact for that as you're now a fully paid up member (as noted on one of your other threads) and then you'll be able to access all the content on here. There's not much that hasn't been covered re the Scottish models on here as they are so popular.

      Hope this helps, and good luck with your Greeves.

      Thank you Brian


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        Originally posted by johnrunnacles View Post
        Thanks for popping in with the invaluable links in your post, Brian. I seem to have missed the earlier discussion and references made then, so your refresher of today has enhanced no end the resource I now have available to me, which I shall enjoy reading "at my leisure"!

        Thanks again, my friend, and "take care".


        PS Apologies for "butting-in" on your thread, Deano.
        No problem John


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          Thanks Deano. Enjoy reading through those Leading Links!


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            I cant put them down lol .... right now to track down the last 4 years ?? Any one !!