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    I was good to meet Mike Norris today and very useful to be able to photo some of the areas that were causing me problems, however now having seen a 25D in the flesh I realise that I have the incorrect Bottom Loop on my front forks, the one I have is from a Scrambler (Large Dia Loop) and not the tapered one from the Roadster, I far as I can see the Large Loop would mean that I have to use Twin Pipes & Silencers as the Cross Over Pipes with the Single Silencer would hit the loop, or does any know differently ??
    The other alternative would be do do an exchange with someone who has a Roadster Loop and needs a Scrambler one, any suggestions from anyone please.
    This is the one I have, good bushes, shot blasted and Acid Primed.
    Peter Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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ID:	82498 Peter the other thing to consider is that the loop is too wide to accomodate the mudguard, that is why the roadster one is tapered.So you really need the correct one.
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      Yes John I noticed that, was thinking if I cannot find the correct loop I can either shorten the Mudguard so that it finishes on the loop or cut two semi circle's in the Guard to match the loop, not ideal but may be the only option


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        No dont do that Peter it will spoil the look of bike, much better to modify the loop to roadster shape, but you should be able to find the correct loop, try Nick Howling (07786 082610) he is always selling Greeves bits on eBay. Lives in the Kings Lynn / Wisbech


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          Thanks John I will give him a call


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            Now sorted thank you