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  • Leading Link 212

    Edition 212 dropped on the mat this morning.

    Really nice tributes to Rob.

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    Yes indeed, Just looked up Robs Bultaco (GPB5J) on DVLA its still on but un taxed since 1st April 1979 but there was a New V5c issued 7th July 2004 (new owner?) so it could be in someones shed.
    Vehicle Details
    Vehicle make BULTACO
    Date of first registration June 1971
    Year of manufacture 1971
    Cylinder capacity 250 cc
    CO₂ emissions Not available
    Fuel type PETROL
    Euro status Not available
    Real Driving Emissions (RDE) Not available
    Export marker No
    Vehicle status Untaxed
    Vehicle colour NOT STATED
    Vehicle type approval Not available
    Wheelplan 2 WHEEL
    Revenue weight Not available
    Date of last V5C (logbook) issued 7 July 2004
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      Big thanks to John Henry for making a smashing job of it. Thanks also for dedicating so much of the magazine to remembering my dad, it was a really nice tribute and my mum thought it had been done well too.

      In less than two weeks it'll be two months since the old man went and it still doesn't seem possible.


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        You did a great job Ian, and along with the other tributes, and John Henry's input, it was no less than your Dad deserved.

        It is such a shame that the current situation has caused the cancellation of the AGM this weekend, as it would have been a great opportunity to give him a fitting farewell. It will still happen, I am sure, when the AGM is held on it's new date, whenever that will be.

        Ian C.


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          Yes I am sure that everybody in the GRA will be moved by Robs passing, a small man with such a great heart, that reached out to so many people from all walks of life not only the Greeves Riders, but all who had the privilege of associating with him over the years. Maximas


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            Well said Dicky, I couldn't have put it any better. Hope you and Jo are doing OK.

            Here's a pic I'm sure you'll remember from happier times.....a great day and one I'll never forget. We had a laugh, didn't we....typical Rob, posing us with the bike display 'specials' sign when he took the second pic.....we'll all miss him mate, and will always remember him.

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              Great pictures, Brian. Should have been in LL! A couple of "specials" alright!
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                Hi Jonah...yes indeed, he knew us so well didn't he.....!

                Hope you doing OK old friend.



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                  I know that I am a long way from the UK, and that air travel is restricted but I have still not received my copy of LL 212.
                  Hopefully soon.


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                    Might be worth the club looking into the possibility of an online version of LL, many clubs and societies are going that way now, not say it should replace the printed copy, but an alternative which may help our overseas members keep up to date.