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Greeves Ceriani bushes info needed

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  • Greeves Ceriani bushes info needed

    Hello , 1 ) i was just about to start putting my forks together 35mm Ceriani and i noticed the top bush in alloy leg seems to be steel ( are steel ) with what may have been a coating inside the bush , something does not seem right chrome on steel bush , can anyone help , the legs were very dirty inside with grit in them , 2 ) the seals i have are thin and thick i think the thin goes upside down in the top and thick goes normal way up in the bottom am i right , legs came without seals but with 4 new seals 2 pairs, Thanks

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    In response to your above post and the PM copy of it you sent me, OK, I'll try and have a go and help, but please bear in mind the last time I had a dismantled pair of 'Cherry's' in my hands they were from my old 1976 Ducati SD900 Darmah and it was a very very long time ago (in a universe far, far away....​) With that in mind, perhaps others may chip in with something more Greeves fitment specific. Other than what follows, I have no experience with the Ceriani forks specifically fitted to Greeves.

    Part of the work I did on the Duke while I owned it was having the fork stanchions re-hard chromed and reground back to original OD (the hard chroming process leaves a concave deposit so this is part of the process.) I do seem to dimly remember the 'bushes' you mention in the alloy sliders, but on my forks the only other thing I did was new seals and oil together with a polish on the mops as everything else was OK and in perfect condition. It was only due to stone pits and chips that I had to get them done to save the seals. I managed a few more miles out of 'em using the old rub down and fill with superglue/rub down again bodge on the worst ones, but let's just say the hard chrome that Phillpot's applied seemed of FAR better quality than original.....! ​ Everything cleaned up great and all was like new in the alloy sliders, so no further investigation was needed so sadly, that's all I can offer you on the bushes. Interestingly, a quick look through the drawings in the included links that follow seem to omit them unfortunately, showing just the alloy sliders as a unit...Are you certain that the stanchions don't just run direct onto the alloy....? It seems from memory that's what it looked like to me, anyway, but as always I stand to be corrected/informed....

    However....10 minutes googling has indeed produced a few said drawings, a manual and an interesting thread on another forum with a bit of related info. Things is, as the op says in the aforementioned thread, info can be hard to find on Ceriani stuff. At the time I owned my Duke, I had a copy of a Laverda Book/Manual by Tim Parker and Phil Todd, the 'bible' for years on those bikes. That had the best drawings and info I'd seen of the type of Ceriani forks fitted to my bike as well as certain Marzocchi fork types as Laverda also fitted, along with so many others at the time. Anyway, a bit of additional info for anyone that's interested....there's a copy for sale on Amazon, only TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE QUID.....!! Wish I still had my copy... nb_sb_noss

    Here's the links....both contain 'some' drawings. Obviously, this material covers more 'generic' than specific Greeves (as far as I know...) Ceriani fitments but may be of some use....they're pretty simple devices and broadly similar after all.

    Ceriani 35mm Racing Forks Manual;

    Thread with Ceriani related info;

    Best I can do I'm afraid, but hope it's of some help. Over to you.....

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      Nice bit of info Brian...........


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        Thanks to everyone , i need to just know if the top bushes that are inside the top of the aluminium ceriani leg are supposed to be steel , perhaps like the Japanese they had a liner made into the inside , the Japanese use teflon , maybe the Italians used telfon or lead bearing liner , it seems strange to run hard chrome against steel , Thank You


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          I've had 2 pairs in the past, one had no bushes and the other had a phosphur bronze looking bush, don't like the sound of a steel one, have you tried a magnet on them?


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            Hi Yes i tried a magnet and it surprised me they are magnetic , the only possibility is i think they might of had a coating inside but my steel / chrome tubes are nice so i dont want to ruin them , i bought the forks dismantled and the tubes might be new , i think i will get some bushes turned up in t6 aluminium and put those in , the bottom chrome of tube runs straight on the aluminium like all the british bikes i know , the japanese put a teflon bush on the bottom of leg , Thanks


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              Talk to brooks suspension in Bradford & get the correct coated bushes.


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                Ok will do Thanks