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Time For Another Caption Competition!

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  • Time For Another Caption Competition!

    Right then! You've all had chance to recover from the last one (!), so it's high time we got another one going! (Great pic isn't it!)

    To get the ball rolling.....

    'The Chicken Run testing team were happy to find that the handling of the 24MDT (Motorcycle Display Team) prototype was much improved following the removal of Brian Stonebridges' offset-hub wheels, which he'd fitted one lunchtime when they weren't looking.'

    Oh well, things can hopefully only improve from here on in........!

    Can't they.......???!

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    caption comp

    Heres one for the pot brian.
    Cheers all round as greeves succesfully test their new handlebar mounted flatulence fuelled reverse & forward thruster system!
    what a classic picture & wonder how far they got. dave.


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      The boys decided it was worth another blast round the car park before the 'elf and safety man returned from lunch........................


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        caption a deux

        Clearly, Bert was out for lunch.


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          Thanks Lads!

          And there was I beggining to think this one was a bit of a tricky pic to come up with captions for....!

          I was going to mention something about GasGas in reply to your's Dave, but I won't....!



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            Well done Brian for the initiation. Have to confess that I thought I'd posted a response earlier in the week, but obviously pressed the wrong button!

            Having now seen the quality of replies you've received, they make mine seem rather tame. But I'll try again all the same.

            "Are you ok up there Cyril, you sure it's ok for us to go for a wheelie by me winding it up and dumping the clutch!

            "The new incentive scheme of sharing a lift to work seemed to be catching on at Thundersley".

            "Who'd have thought it, that sixty years hence some daft b*ggers would still be racing around on these as though their lives depended on it"!

            Last round of the 2010 Greeves championship at Marks Tey on Sunday.


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              On yer Marks for Sunday!

              Hallo mate!

              Thanks for the as always splendid contributions Adrian!

              I think a huge wheelie is exactly what Mr Brooker is contemplating in the photo now that you mention it!!! Poor old Cyril eh.....(heh heh!)

              Hope you and the lads have a great meeting on Sunday, and don't forget there's always next year to look forward to!

              I've heard a rumour from 'The Sponsor' (aka Rob!) that Dangerous Dicky F (aka 'The Mighty Destroyer'!) has entered on his MX4! Brilliant! Look after him for us Adrian (or should that be the other way around..?!) and I hope that piston holds up ok for him! Can't wait to hear how he gets on, and good for him! Respect!!!

              If you get to read this before the day Dicky, I'll be rooting for ya buddy! Hope you have loads of fun and a great ride matey!

              Will anyone be going that can post some pics afterwards? That'd be great!


              PS Worry not Caption Comp fans....I've got enough pics waiting in the wings to keep the eight of us going for a while yet.....(groan etc!)
              Last edited by Brian Thompson; 06/11/2010, 12:19 AM. Reason: Additional drivel added!


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                I'm going to Marks Tey tomorrow specifically to photograph the Greeves races.

                I need pics to do the series winners justice in February Leading Link.

                I'll try and post some photos on here. Next week. Sometime.

                Q. What's this got to do with the thread topic?

                A. You could always write captions for the pics... watch out Adrian!
                Colin Sparrow


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                  Back to the Caption Competition Then (quick!)

                  Here's another one......

                  The new 500 shore Metalastik fork bushes didn't seem to have much 'give'....



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                    That's brilliant Brian, just wish I'd thought of it. 500 Shore hardness indeed!


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                      Glad it raised a smile my friend.

                      There is worse to come....much worse...! (Watch this space...tee hee!)



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                        Well Brian after looking at the photo I can only think that they where not very good at sharing anything, I can just here them arguing over that bike , IT'S MY TURN, GET OFF YOU'VE HAD A TURN, I'M TELLING BURT, LET GO OF MY HAND, YOU RIDE LIKE A GIRL!! GET OOOOOFFFFFF!!!!! , MUM, MAAAARM!!
                        Last edited by geoff lemar; 01/12/2010, 02:20 AM.


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                          G'day mate!

                          Ha ha!!! Good one Geoff, like it!

                          It's about time you chipped in with a bit of the old bonza banter!!!

                          Don't forget the other three 'caption comps' on here too mate-all contributions gratefully received!





                          (PS Good luck for the 2nd.)


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                            Berts flying circus

                            Well lads I said he would have us riding through hoops before long


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                              Bert's aghast at the ill-fated attempt of the short lived Irish Design team's attempt at resolving the 'Bucking Bronco' tendencies of the greeves suspension.


                              Bert's not surprised at the lunchtime antics of the comp shop after being stuck in a confined room all morning inhaling the wonderful aromas of 'Druids' special roll ups!!!
                              Punchy 336