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vintage repair.

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  • vintage repair.

    Could not work out why this tank was so heavy, so stripping it back, i was supprised to see that at one point in time, it had been repaired by an old school body repair guy.
    Long before modern filler was invented, these guys used to poor lead alloy into dents & when cooled, scraped back into shape, my great uncle used to do this for bentley`s.
    A great skill, now no longer needed, but nice to see someone still doing it back in the sixties, this was done with a lead solder & was almost 1/2 inch thick.

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    John, i`m not trying to muscle in on your alloy tank market.......i know better.......
    Having a clearout? what else have we got?


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      All has been selling like hot-cakes, Dave. Probably not charging enough? Trust you're well?


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        Yes i see your offer has brought in bids from all the big but i am well john, thank you for asking, i hope you & yours are equally the same.


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          Pleased to hear that, Dave. Yes, we're as well as can be expected, thanks.