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    Originally posted by John Wakefield View Post
    Search engine still not working properly on some frame numbers ie 25DC361B does not show despite being in the East Coaster register within Road bikes
    Hi John, thanks for posting this example, it makes it much easier for me to try to trace issues when I can replicate them myself.

    The search indexing (which is necessary for the forum search to work, but I won't go into the technical reasons why!) had not fully completed when I posted it before, my mistake. I have re-run it and you should now see better performance.

    Now that indexing is complete, 25DC361B will still not return results because in the East Coaster thread it is actually two words, i.e. 25DC 361B - but when you search for it as two words like this you will find results.


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      Thanks Ian


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        Hello Ian, I respect greatly the amount of work you have done to keep this forum alive, I cannot imagine the headaches that you have suffered bringing all this together.

        But (theirs always a but) I have noticed that the 'new posts' button does not seem to pick up all new posts! I of course am probably doing something wrong, but do not know what!


        edited so it now makes sense
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          Hi Ian, when I I go on the New Forum or the Website under construction, I get a NOT SECURE at the start of the web address on the top line of screen, can this be sorted or is it permanent?


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            It's because we serve the pages over http rather than https, as many (most, even) have been for years.

            It's just in recent times that web browsers (I think Google have been pioneering this) are displaying which pages would not be secure for sending over your credit card details etc. Soon we will be on https anyway, but for now it's nothing to worry about.


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              Like the new web site, very modern looking and responds quickly.
              A credit to all concerned.
              Compares very well to other clubs and societies, better than most [although I may biased]
              I have a lot of IT experience in a previous life and know how hard it is to make a good web-site.