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    Caption contest

    Okay...doin my best here, not great but ok I think...

    "Roadside assistance...who needs it?" or "Roadside assistance, thats for boys not men!"

    "Ah, yes, what happens when the masterlink becomes the missing link."

    All I can come up with through today.
    Thanks, Tammy


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      Hey Bert, I've ridden some early prototypes before but not this early can't you wait until the rest of the bike is finished.


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        Its Magic

        Originally posted by Brian Thompson View Post
        OK chaps and chapesses, let's see who can come with the best caption for this splendid shot of Dave Bickers, proving he can ride most anything!!!

        Have fun!
        That Magician who makes planes disappear , could never have been around that long ago?



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          Bickers Unicycle Photo.

          This is actually part of an album of photographs from the Ministry of Pensions side of the Thundersley Works. Impressed by the Invacar solution to mobility of the disabled, Aneurin Bevin MP asked Greeves to come up with other solutions to medical problems. Unfortunately this shot is only Pic 1, Pic 2 shows it being ridden over a 'Pave' type section of road. It's efficacy is instantly seen by the look on the rider's face in Pic 3.

          Oh, you want to know what is was for? It was to reposition the haemmoroids, (Piles), of those who had ridden in too many cold trials on Dunlop Rubber Saddles.


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            Farmers! (as in Giles!)

            Thanks for that 'historical' perspective Peter!

            To be honest, I'd always wondered why that unicycle doesn't appear to be fitted with a saddle.............



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              Ouch, is all I have to say after that last gem Brain. Afraid I'm going to have wave the white flag on this one, I just can't come up with anything to match the quaility of suggestions to date, they're all great. Enormous respect for anyone who has the balance to ride one of those, I have enough trouble managing with two wheels. Keep up the good work one and all, while I just keep dancing to Kenny Rogers and Friends. A Drain


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                Brain to Drain!

                Ta Mr Drain! I'm trying, but of course you know that only too well and make allowances, to my great good fortune!

                Yes, I completely agree with your comments and it's marvellous to see so many forum members have a great sense of humour! Keep up the good work everyone, and I promise a new picture to excercise your splendid talents on very soon!

                I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Dave Bickers for being such a great sport, and confirm the enormous respect and admiration we have for him in the GRA, as befits a true living legend.



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                  News Alert News Alert!!! Pilot swallows plane while landing.

                  Punchy 336


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                    1: So they asked me to field-test the new entry level Greeves!

                    2: Not that impressed with the factory cutbacks!

                    3: That new steering-lock ain't much good!


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                      Bingo win allows Bicker to purchase extra wheels........prototype Scrambler a 'Dog to start' says Bickers.
                      Paul Friedrichs disguise fooled everyone. Bickers was said to be 'barking mad' when he found out.
                      Alex and John seen nudging each other at the 3 wheeler.
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