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New Greeves 280 Ti trials bike to be made in Holland

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    Good luck to the new Greeves production

    Hi All - I personally wish these guys all the best with their adventure - and hope that it comes off and can lead to something..........the bike design - although similar to other modern trials bikes - still has its unique Greeves alloy beam -,,,,,so rather like in motocross a KTM has a distinctive frame vs a Yam or Honda...........The relaity of modern design is the differences are a lot smaller than they used to be.

    I personally hope that they also try and put a trail bike together......why? - because I would place an order yesterday for one if they did !!...and am sure I would not be alone in this.
    Cheers Kim


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      Kim, look at the new OSSA, the alloy beam on that also looks copied from Greeves!


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        Does anyone no of the where abouts of the existing 280`s, only if production does go ahead & takes off, then the original few are gonna be worth some money i reckon, probably in the netherlands though. dave.


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          I expect they were part of the deal.....sorry!


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            280's Location

            Dave, If you are referring to the three bikes used for the scottish last year two are in holland an one is in the UK it was at the Telford show in Febuary other bikes went to collectors in the UK
            The Three Scottish bikes are being refitted with new S3 barrels and will be re'united for the scottish this year !! The two bikes in Holland are being used for practise befor the May event.

            Brian, Dont think they was part of any deal !! The deal was for rights to manufacture not ownership of existing company or bikes !!


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              Greeves Motorcycles Ltd - For Sale

              Seems the business is now for sale.. Ad on Page 35 of Oct 2014 OBM.