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Crich Classic Bike Day

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  • Crich Classic Bike Day

    I took the Essex to Crich whilst marshalling. Over 400 bikes there but I think mine was the only Greeves. It got plenty of attention and it was nice speaking to some riders who are members of the GRA

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    Looks a nice bike, shame a few more GRA members did not take their bikes.


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      It is a nice event. Perhaps nearer the time next year I will see if I can drum up some enthusiasm and if so get us all parked together etc, cheers


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        More pics of Crich here


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          Nice pictures; a good turn-out of bikes there.

          We could probably help ourselves there, Tony; and this is not meant as a criticism of anyone in any way; but it would be good to post up before the event, that we are going, rather than just after we have been? That way others may get the urge to go as well, if they didn't know it was on.

          Just a thought.....


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            Fair comment, I didn't push it before as I was stewarding all day so couldn't actively promote the Greeves cause and I knew I was the only prebooked Greeves. My mate is the main organiser ( Vincent Owners Club). Next years date is 5th July. When he starts promoting again I will put it on the forum and see what interest it generates then see about getting us grouped together in a prominent area.


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              Nice to hear from you, and it sounds as though it is a good event, if you could as was mentioned earlier inform the committee a few months before it can then go in the Leading Link, new venues all over the country are required for the Club to represent its self. the Club Regalia with all the sail flags etc can then be sent via a committee member attending , or any other enthusiastic Club member . nice to here from you Malc. cheers Dicky faggetter