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Historic Greeves Related Films on 'You Tube'.

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    You Tube - Roadster/Sidecar

    Thanks John for the details, would be a shame if it had gone to 'ground'.
    May even be living in a dusty corner of a museum somewhere?

    I do recall though, Rob always did a fantastic job restoring his bikes to a
    pristine concours condition. With sidecar attached, made this one something
    quite rare & special.



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      Have had a word with Rob Styles, he sold ADA 84B some years ago, he thinks it went abroad, but DVLA marker is showing 'N' (not exported) so if it did go overseas the DVLA were not told.


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        Thanks for the update John, very appreciated. I do remember the outfit being at the Southend show in the '90's - might even have a pic of it somewhere at home, being paraded around the arena at Priory Park. Ahh, those were the days! Also, glad to hear Rob is still about.
        Cheers for now.


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          Harry Carpenter Interviews Dave Bickers, 1962 - MDS Testing In The Snow.

          Back to the original thread.....

          I've added the film that Andy Z found out for JP yesterday, so it could be with the others for ease of reference.

          People are always saying there should be a central depositry for this kind of material, hence my original idea for this thread for Greeves related Youtube film clips, and posted a long time ago now (Feb, 2010.) I don't see it as 'MY' thread by the way, it's for the forum and people that use it.

          There are some excellent Greeves related films uploaded from YouTube dotted all over the forum now, and that's fine if people want to discuss an individual item of course, no problem at all. But wouldn't it be great if people could copy them here with a new post as well though, just in the interests of making them easy to for people to find and keeping them in one place, which was the idea in the first place.

          Just sayin'.....

          Here's that excellent DB clip, and thanks for drawing our attention to it Andy;

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            Great idea brian, a dedicated thread for vids, an easy to use library of interesting films....even 8yr old new releases....


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              Greeves YouTube Clips

              Can't say I didn't try mate.....

              It's been a 'sticky' for years too, in the hope it would be easy to find.