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Historic Greeves Related Films on 'You Tube'.

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  • Historic Greeves Related Films on 'You Tube'.

    'You Tube' is a public video sharing website where people can upload and share personal videos and film footage. Greeves enthusiasts and GRA members have uploaded quite a bit of material of interest, including some rare and historic films.

    The homepage address is;

    Below are links to some of the 'historic' Greeves related films I've found, although there may well be others. It's such a large site and very dependant on what is typed into the 'search' field. If you would like to investigate further you could try typing in (for example) 'Greeves', 'Greeves Scrambles', 'Greeves Trials', 'Pre65 Scrambles', 'Pre65 Trials', 'Vintage Trials', 'Classic Scrambles', and always have a look at what comes up in the 'related videos' field on the lower right of the screen for other clips of interest. I have uploaded further links to some (contemporary) films of general Greeves interest in another post (see 'Links and Resources' sub-forum.)

    As with the British Pathe film clips, in order to view the films click onto the 'link' (in blue) below each title. As usual, you will need to 'expand' the 'new window' and can access the option to view in 'full screen' using the icon on the viewing screen area. Again, simply close the link (click the red 'x' in the 'new window') and this will return you to the the page so you can then select and view another film. Some clips have music and if so the volume can be turned down or off, and in some instances can be cancelled (click the 'X' on the music 'title bar'); some of the choices can be a bit naff to be honest....! Also, occasionally you may find an advert pops up in the lower part of the viewing screen; simply click the 'X' on the advert to remove it if it gets in the way.

    Thanks to everyone who uploaded these films to share on 'You Tube'.

    Hope everyone enjoys watching them!


    Here are the films, in no particular order;

    Look At Life - Scrambling For It. (Factory Footage.)

    Motorcycle Scramble, Hawkstone Park, 1960. (Brian Stonebridge Memorial.)

    Vintage Scrambles, Grandstand. (Dave Bickers vs. Jeff Smith.)

    Motorcycle Scramble, Early 1960's.

    Motorcycle Scramble At Elsworth, Cambridgeshire, 1956.

    Cambridgeshire Grand National Scramble, 1962.

    East Anglian Motocross, 1962.

    Motorcycle Trial, 1960.

    Motorcycle Speed Trials, 1960.

    Motorcycle Trial, Circa. 1960.

    Wrekin Trial, Early 1960's.

    Trial Moto-Don Smith "Un pilote de légende." (In French, but with some great pictures.)

    Mark Frei Trial Laufelfinger 1965.

    Motorcycle Grass Track Racing, June 1961.

    1960's Grass Track, The Battle Of Britain.

    1960's Grass Track National #2.

    GRA 50th. Anniversary of Greeves Motorcycles, Battlesbridge. (Abridged clip from the GRA produced video of the event.)

    Racing Motorcycles at Brands Hatch in the 1960's Pt.1.

    Racing Motorcycles at Brands Hatch in the 1960's Pt.2.
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    Historic Enduro (Trial actually)

    Found this film clip on You Tube, poor definition but plenty of Greeves, soundtrack a bit naff, better with sound off


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      'Duke Marketing' Films Containing Greeves Footage.

      The above clip on 'YouTube' is composed of footage 'lifted' from two films produced by Duke Marketing (, the main part being from 'Six from The Scottish' (1994) and a couple of very short segments from 'Enduro Classics' (2006.) It looks like it was captured via a low spec video camera from a TV, then 'edited' with Windows 'Movie Maker' software. Happens all the time on 'YouTube' sadly, and I wouldn't be at all surprised to see it taken off eventually due to infringment of copyright. They're pretty 'hot' on this sort of thing....

      Fortunately these films are still available, and the quality of the restored footage is generally very good indeed. There are currently some real bargains to be had on 'Amazon'-see links below. Also, for more information on the 'Six From The Scottish' film see the review in 'Leading Link' #127 (February 2006), page 27.

      Here's a listing of some of the commercially available films (in both black and white and colour) from Duke Marketing containing Greeves and 'classic' off road (etc) material;

      'Six From The Scottish.'
      Lots of Greeves footage, including action from the 1952, '53, '59', '63, and '69 events. Highly recommended!

      'This Is Yorkshire.'
      A great value compilation containing sixteen lovely old films from the '50's and '60's covering in the main trials like the Scott and Allan Jeffries, but also the Ilkley Grand National, Scrambles, Sports Car Trials, and lots more. Again, highly recommended!

      'Scrambling In The Fifties.'
      This has some rare Brian Stonebridge and Dave Bickers footage, and also includes all the greats from the era (Jeff Smith, Dave Curtis, Jeff Ward, Johnny Giles, Don Rickman, Arthur Lampkin et al.) Events include; 1955 Victory Cup Trial; 1956 Experts Grand National Scramble; 1956 and '58 Lancashire Grand Point To Point; 1956 Lancashire Grand National; 1959 20th. Cotswold Scramble. Cracking stuff!

      'The Roughriders.'
      A fantastic 'double bill' of films with the first being 'The Roughriders' from the late '60's, with Jeff Smith and Arthur Lampkin on the works BSA's taking on Rolf Tibblin, Bill Nilsson et al at several classic venues, including Hawkstone Park and Namur in Sweden. The second film is called 'Three In Europe' and follows John Banks, Vic Eastwood, Dave Nichol and Keith Hickman on the championship trail in 1969, up against the likes of Roger DeCoster and Bengt Aberg. Also included is footage from the Luxembourg, French and Swiss MX GP's.

      'Enduro Classics.'
      An excellent compilation of period ISDT films, with events from Italy, Austria and Wales during 1951, '52 and '54. Interlinked with the footage are reminiscences from gold medal winners such as Jeff Smith, Eddie Dow, Brian Martin and Norman Vanhouse. There is also footage of the famous Maudes Trophy victory for BSA, when the team rode from Birmingham to Vienna and back to Oslo (a 4,500 mike round trip), and competed in the ISDT 'en route', with none of the riders dropping a single mark!

      'On Any Sunday.'
      The all time classic 1970's bike movie....nuff said! If you haven't seen it yet you really should!!! Financed by Steve McQueen and filmed by Bruce Brown, there is simply too much 'good stuff' to list here! Greeves footage includes loads of Desert Racing action, and the beautifully photographed 'Dunes Riding' end sequence, with Mert Lawwill riding a Challenger (badged as a Harley due to his contractual obligations!!!), with Steve McQueen and Malcom Smith on Husqvarna's. In my opinion one of the best films ever made about motorcycling, and then some! Try to get the three-disc box set if you can, as it's well worth it for all the extra footage and bonus features.

      Be quick if you want to bag a bargain though, as stocks are limited with some of these films.


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        Don Smith Tribute on You Tube

        whilst browsing Youtube - spotted this interesting french tribute to Don Smith - ex Greeves Trials rider. - entitled

        Don Smith "Un pilote de légende"
        Some great shots - especially the early captions which are Greeves mounted - and happy to translate if anybody needs it - but gist is great rider and great man!
        appols for thise who have already seen this


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          French 'DR' Tribute clip on YouTube.

          Hi Kim,

          Thanks for posting the link!

          As we already have a thread for 'historic' Greeves related clips on YouTube, I've taken the liberty of moving it here to keep them all together.

          Hope that's ok!



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            French 'DR' Tribute clip on YouTube

            Hi Brian, Thanks for filing in the correct place for me . wasn't sure where to post this one.
            Best Regards Kim


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              'DR' Tribute Clip.

              Hi Kim,

              My pleasure, and thanks again for posting the link.



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                ISDT IOM 1965 - On YouTube - by Shell Oils

                Not sure if anyone's spotted this one, what a great 3-part film expertly made with Geoff Duke in the lead role as clerk of the course - covering the 40th ISDT 20-25th September 1965, the first one at Isle of Man, a presentation by The Shell Oil Company.
                Look out for the Greeves machines.. how many are still around ? Each film is approx. 7 - 8mins long.. Great stuff !!! ..Set on full screen, turn up the sound, sit back and enjoy!

                Part 1

                Part 2

                Part 3

                Best regards,


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                  1965 ISDT film

                  Great stuff, this & other films like it used to be available for hire to clubs by Shell & Castrol. Were the highlight of many winter club nights.


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                    Originally posted by john9700 View Post
                    Not sure if anyone's spotted this one, what a great 3-part film expertly made with Geoff Duke in the lead role as clerk of the course - covering the 40th ISDT 20-25th September 1965, the first one at Isle of Man, a presentation by The Shell Oil Company.
                    Look out for the Greeves machines.. how many are still around ? Each film is approx. 7 - 8mins long.. Great stuff !!! ..Set on full screen, turn up the sound, sit back and enjoy!

                    Part 1

                    Part 2

                    Part 3

                    Best regards,

                    Brilliant stuff, many thanks for this, John. I could watch old ISDTs all day long if I could!



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                      Originally posted by john9700 View Post
                      Look out for the Greeves machines.. how many are still around ? Each film is approx. 7 - 8mins long.. Great stuff !!!
                      I know where one of them ISDT Greeves is in there somewhere. I caught a glimpse in the background of what could be my Greeves?? parked up at the Park Ferme on video 1 of 3 at 2 mins and 38 seconds and again on video 2 of 3 at 6 mins and 26 secs (look for the white front mudguard) to the right of Triss Sharpe as he pushes his Greeves into the paddock. Thanks for posting John
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                        Footage of the 1960 ISDT

                        Thought you might like this. It shows glimpses of a Greeves and the British riders in Austria Paul

                        Part 1

                        Part 2


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                          35th ISDT in Austria on YouTube


                          Short clip from Enduro Classics vol. 2 on YouTube see with some good footage of Greeves.

                          Also Enduro Classic volume 3 has just been released and is available from It features the 1965 ISDT and the 1989 ISDE and is 78 mins long.



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                            You Tube - Roadster/Sidecar

                            Just discovered this one, as mentioned in LL62 ; Comedian Jim Tavare riding a MK1 25DD Outfit (as formerly restored by Rob Styles in the early 90's).

                            Only around 1min 20secs footage at the beginning (of doubtful picture quality) but a record nevertheless.. enjoy!




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                              Its ADA 84B as you say a 250cc 25DD. I wonder if its still in someones shed as its not been licenced since July 1998. At least they got the sound track right
                              The vehicle details for ADA 84B are:
                              Date of Liability 01 07 1998
                              Date of First Registration 13 05 1964
                              Year of Manufacture 1964
                              Cylinder Capacity (cc) 250cc
                              CO₂ Emissions Not Available
                              Fuel Type PETROL
                              Export Marker N
                              Vehicle Status Unlicensed
                              Vehicle Colour NOT STATED
                              Vehicle Type Approval Not Available

                              Cant tell from DVLA listing if it still has the sidecar attached