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  • Fritz Selling

    Fritz Selling was a well known Greeves GP rider in the 60s, in 1967 I have seen conflicting reports of what bike he rode Greeves or Husqvarna,

    a Dutch newspaper has him riding a Greeves at the Dutch 250 Gp and the historical ISDT website also has him on Greeves, however the Motocross website memotocross has him on Husqy, can anyone confirm for sure what bike he rode in 1967,

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    Please note that it should be Frits Selling. He didn't like the German spelling used for his given name.

    In the 1967 ISDT (Poland), he rode an adapted Greeves 360MX4 Challenger in the Dutch Vase "A" Team. He didn't finish the event.

    So he was still riding Greeves.
    Colin Sparrow


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      When I saw him it was always on a Greeves MX4 which was current model in 1967.


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        thanks for the confirmation, great days,


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          He rode a 250 Griffon in Spain in 1970, but it didn't last very long. He was rather displeased with it dispite a good few hours fettling it. It can be seen (JUST!) on the cover of the book written about the ISDT1970. My friend Ietje Timmermans went to see Frits and Corrie at their home to get vital info from them that contributed to Colin's book. She also took some very nice pics there as well.


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            Frits was awarded several National Sportman awards that Ietje managed to get pics of, unfortunately being in glass frames, the pics are not the best.