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Spitfire Racing Website-New Greeves Material.

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  • Spitfire Racing Website-New Greeves Material.

    Just a quick heads-up that one of our friends in America (Dean Newton, aka wfo47w) has just informed me that he's just added a buch of cool new Greeves material to his excellent website;

    Highly recommended if you haven't seen it before folks. Thanks for letting me know Dean, and hope everyone enjoys seeing the fruits of his efforts. There's some fantastic stuff on there, great pics too!


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    Thanks Brian for posting the link to Dean Newton's web site. The Greeves Lore section with articles by Chris Lavery in 1998 is particularly interesting.
    There is a lot of pictures of Brian Stonebridge, some on his BSA Bantam and plenty of historical facts and opinion.

    The picture of Brian at Hawkstone Park (page 9) shows him using the Villiers 250 twin engine. You can see the bigger primary chaincase and exhaust(s) coming out sideways rather than vertical as on the singles.

    I saw Brian Stonebridge ride the Bantam once at Woodham Ferrers, very impressive. I was also at Brill when Dave Bickers rode his Triumph Trophy with Greeves forks (page 14). Not only was he doing massive broadsides but also riding the length of the straight with the front wheel in the air, missing the trackside posts by a few inches.
    John A - 268


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      Spitfire Racing Website.

      Hi John,

      My pleasure, and pleased you enjoyed looking at Dean's brilliant website.

      That said, the credit is all Dean's, and it's great to have him onboard!

      Thanks for the interesting additional info John, as always. I'll check back and have another look at the pics you mentioned. There's lot's of good things to see on there!



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        Nice post Brian,

        I hope your return to work has not been too much of a culture shock?

        The challenger ID page was good, the 24mx4 looks very familiar

        Shame you couldn't make Battlesbridge yesterday mate.

        Still no joy on the forum upgrade



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          Spitfire Racing Website.

          Hi Scott,

          Yes, culture shock being the operative words there.......(or is it 'work'...?!)

          Pleased that you all had a good day at Battlesbridge mate, and hope we can hook up again soon.

          In fact, a few of those Challenger ID pics look familiar, and a few others appear in one form or another on this very forum as well...! Must admit I was quite flattered to see a couple of my pics of your bike there. Dean only uses the best ya know!

          Rob's away working a lot at the moment, but I'll try and get hold of him for you-email is best. Actually, I'm still waiting for Rob to reply to my 'Greeves Hoodies' post too...!

          All the best,