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  • Invacar Website.

    Here's a link to a very interesting website about the Thundersley Invacars, and other variants;


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    Great stuff brian, the harding spinal carrage caught my eye, a tasty little number, not unlike a coffin, yet with a hint of bob sleigh, thrown in.
    Although, i would question, its forward facing, aerodynamic capabilties, it looks like it could still push a good time in on the cresta run, having said that, the jockey does look like he has been strapped in against his will!!...


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      I was not aware it was illegal to drive an invalid carraige on public roads, I assume they come under 3 wheeler if driven by an able bodied person. I think the writer has confused the issue here with when the goverment brought in the disability transport allowance to fund the conversion of a conventional car ie the mini.


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        If you can get a log book & find someone to MOT it you can drive it .

        Hard part is getting a log book as most were owned by the DHSS but some were sold privately .

        The article is so full of mistakes it is unbelievable . Even the guy that worked at the factory hasn't got a very good memory & yes , I knew him .



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          The Invacar advertised for sale XXX 999P has a fake registration, well it would have with a number like that wouldnt it.


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            USA Invacar

            I once owned an Invacar (Mark 12A model) that Nick Nicholson had imported, he only brought this one car to USA. It now owned by People Inc., an organization that helps people with disabilities and it resides at their Museum of disABILITY, in Buffalo, NY.
            They offer posters of the Invacar, Invacar wooden toys, made by Amish people and several children's books featuring "Ivan the Invacar"
            This car is truly a survivor and will live on, keeping the Greeves history going.
            Dan Vitaletti
            Web site is:


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              Perhaps that could be the book Mr Sparrow says he is writing - Ivan the Invacar, The Sequel!

              Wouldn't surprise me, we have a picture of him driving one!

              He recently sold his Silverstone too so it is all starting to add up.....!!!


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                Watch it Thornton!

                What fun though, Dan. Maybe we should buy the Ivan books for the GRA Archive - or write one.

                "Ivan the Terrible" conjures up a few ideas...
                Colin Sparrow


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                  I'd rather read about Henry the Hawkstone, or Charlie the Challenger!


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                    Or gremlin the griffon....


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                      How about Derry the Pioneer!


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                        Invacar mk12
                        was there ever a workshop manual produced does anyone no if so has anybody got one for sale or a copy to ade a restoration


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                 I wonder what happened to this Mk12 Invacar that was an exhibit at Stondon Motor Museum, it was sold in an auction in March 2019 after the museum closed. It sold for 2400 (hammer price) DVLA show it untaxed since January 1982.

                          Vehicle Details
                          Vehicle make INVACAR
                          Date of first registration February 1966
                          Year of manufacture 1966
                          Cylinder capacity Not available
                          CO₂ emissions Not available
                          Fuel type PETROL
                          Euro status Not available
                          Real Driving Emissions (RDE) Not available
                          Export marker No
                          Vehicle status Untaxed since 1st January 1982
                          Vehicle colour BLUE
                          Vehicle type approval Not available
                          Wheelplan NOT RECORDED
                          Revenue weight Not available
                          Date of last V5C (logbook) issued 15 March 2019
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