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Is hand painting frame of Hawkstone ever a good idea?

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    Is Hand Painting a frame ever a good idea?

    In a word - Yes.
    See finished 20DC attached (as per previous hints and tips post).
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      Hi Phil i have recently brought some jawel paint super gloss and fast flash thinner i have used synthetic before its a easy one to get on with and fast settin (with the fast flash thinner it also leaves a good finnish and single pack enamel
      they tell me very close to original finnish.



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        Very interesting thread & congrats john, on a job well done, you are more than right in what you say about the lost art of the coach painter & also the sign writer.
        Having been brought up in a family tradition of mechanics & paint sprayers, i can appreciate the pitfalls & highs that your journey has taken you.
        My grandfather was a panel beater in the days when, after the panel was beaten back into shape, lead was poured in, cooled & then shaped, with a scraping blade, to get a perfect finish.
        A skill, long since gone, replaced by modern elasticated pudden, ( body filler ), i`ve even seen my dad, coach paint the local bakery vans in the old style, & it is a tremedous skill.
        All gone now, because of the need for speed, but nice to see someone having a proper go, in the old ways.
        The only trouble with tekiloid & other slow drying variants, is that, they never really harden off, like more modern paints, ok for a road bike, but probably not the best solution, for a track bike, to soft. but i am impressed with your pics, john, well done. dave.


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          I wonder if anyone has tried spraying tekaloide ? my father painted a 1957 ariel 350 red hunter in 1978 and its still as good today,he loves tekaloide With it also could a faster thinner for spraying like fast flash thinner a synthetic thinner i have to spray a dc black and a qub griffon black as well i think a good primer and undercoat is essential and as always preperation preperation also the money you have avalible (nowadays becoming more important to economics).