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Pathfinder Green Paint (and other shades suitable for Greeves.)

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    You are quite right Dave , there is no definitive Moorland blue , all the shades on bikes are taken from inside hubs etc.

    Even the paint from the makers came in different shades in different batches .

    Just for interest there is Mark 12e on ebay , just possible I built up the nose , door and floorplan - my first job at Invacar/Greeves

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      Thanks chris, you didn`t do the door hinges, did you?.., but you ended up with one of the best jobs in the house. regards, dave.


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        Dave ,

        The door slid on rollers , the one on ebay has the front one missing .

        I was lucky , when a contract ended the assemblers ,( me ) , were found other jobs in the factory until the next contract started .

        I went into the engine building shop , then the Service Dept. and then was asked if I wanted a job in the Comp Shop .

        I said no , it didn't seem very interesting .



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          How awful Chris, having to work in the Comp shop, life must have seemed a b***er at the time.
          That Ice Blue 12e Invacar on Ebay certainly looks in a sorry state. I wonder, just what shade of Green is it that's growing on the bonnet?


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            That is jelly mould green Adrian .

            It was a bit of a B----r Adrian , all I wanted to do was bulid Invacars .

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              Brilliant Chris. You're not one of the 8 bidders are you? It looks a steal at 46.


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                I did think about it Adrian , they were a fun thing to drive , not as dangerous as made out to be .

                That one has the engine & mounting missing and could be a problem to find .

                There is later Model 70 , ( the AC version ), with the Puch engine on ebay and is a runner , they really were good to play with .



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                  Don't recognise those ones , not Invacar , maybe for an AC .

                  The engine could be used , missing the right cradle and drive line .



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                    green paint

                    Just to get back on to the topic of Pathfinder green paint. My Pathfinder was registered in 1971 and I have found 2 bits of the frame with the original colour. Having looked around for paint I came across a can of Rust-Oleum, which is a spray enamel ,with the colour name of Racing Green. I just happened to have the smallest part in my pocket, as one does, and lo and behold it was the best match I have come across so far.
                    I located their web site( and had a look around and came across their colour range. Forget RAL look at BS colours. Green! & blue! there is loads of them and I would not mind betting that this is probably where Greeves sourced their paint from in first place.

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