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Tinware for 25DCX Sportsman

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  • Tinware for 25DCX Sportsman

    Does anybody have any front fork shrouds or the handlebar fairing for sale for a 25 DCX Sportsman? Failing a sale has anybody got any of the said items that I could borrow to try and make moulds please? Can anybody recommend a supplier for exhausts and silencers please? thanks

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    Sorry cant help with shrouds and fairing, I think Gary Bamford may be able to help. Best place for exhausts is Armours, Villiers services did do them but have sold out now and dont think they are re ordering. Which DCX do you have? This one 25DCX154 is on eBay at the moment for GBP 1395
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      Thanks John. I have to come clean and declare that I was doing some possible pre purchase research on the availability of spares for the bike you identified on E Bay! So far it seems that hens teeth may be more available. Gary has kindly supplied me with some drawings of the fork spats and handlebar fairing, they are not tin enough detail however to produce moulds without a great deal of scaling and assumptions. I've just completed the refurbishment of a 24TCS and I know the cost of spares and this bike is probably not for me as it has a long list of bits missing to return it to the road, but never say never!


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        Probably a wise decision Geoff, if you still want a DCX its best to buy a complete one with all the original parts that just need restoring. As for moulds, there were some produced some years ago by a GRA member but these got sold on and are were at one time owned by 'Bantam' John Phelen of Sheffield British Motorcycles, but he has since sold the business and the current owner had not the last time he was asked found the moulds! As for survivors there are currently 28 25DCX and 8 32DCX known, but some are not complete or have been modified from original spec ie one is now a TriGreeves.