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    I have just purchased a frame from a Greeves police bike if anyone has any parts they wish to part with ,seat, Battery frame tie,later fork legs with anchor for brake plate link,fibreglass side covers or know who was making them as you can see from photo will be a job to get there
    GaryClick image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version  Name:	8ABBFBD5-582D-40DD-918D-567DC82718C1.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	504.5 KB ID:	83622 Hi Gary
    ​​​​​​ Wow, you certainly have set yourself a challenge!

    The photo above was taken in 1990 at the Legendary Southend Show when it was owned by Andrew King. It may help, or not. If I remember rightly the tank grid was a modified Triumph unit. The radio was a Pye Westminster with handlebar mounted speaker. The leg shields were proprietary bought in items.
    Clearly, the side panels will be the most difficult. Either to find, or replicate.
    I don’t know how difficult it will be to find a Siba Dynastart. No doubt one will come your way.
    Good luck
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      Thank phil I will do it I like the hard bikes I am getting there with the gauntlet and the Greeves me starmaker I like the challenge


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        Not sure that they had a Triumph tank grid, but four lugs that bolted directly to the radio base plate. In another pic the same bike had only the handset on the tank and the radio on a carrier at the rear. Also I think the radios on the production bikes were Cossor. The bike pictured is the prototype 24DE101 which still survives with Nick Kelly. Several 24DF's have been restored including 2 by Tony East and 2 by Bill Drummond. Nick Kelly may have the moulds for the side panels as he supplied some to Roger Neal the previous owner of the two City of London bikes restored by Tony East. Your bike Garry is 24DF102 MRE18F one of the Staffordshire bikes. It does not appear to be current on the DVLA listing but may be on the archived register. Sadly Staffordshire registration records for 1968 do not exist so it will be difficult to reclaim registration unless Staffordshire police have records.
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          The Staffordshire bikes (MRE16 -30F) had Avon full fairings in place of leg shields, only the four City of London bikes and the prototype DE had leg shields, it does not look as though the radios had been fitted at the time the pic was taken. (pic from Carrick & Walker Greeves book)

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