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  • R/H Cover 32A

    Another question.... I have a 32A engine with 4 speed box, which R/H cover do I need, B11770 or A8686 ??
    Are the uncut ones as rare as hens teeth now?

    Made a bit of a boobie..............the cut one that came with bike is stamped A9255 so when I saw a complete one on FleaBay with same number I snapped it up.
    Turns out the cut one was originally for a three speed box and of course the uncut three speed cover will not fit my 4 speed.
    That will teach me to check the part numbers!!

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    The 32A parts list shows the part number for the R.H. cover for the four speed as A8686. It's item number 18 under "Cylinder and Crankcase" A9255 is for the 3 speed 10E/3


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      Most were cut to make access to the clutch cable easy. or to access to the flywheel as you dont need to remove kickstarter. So just use the cut one you have.