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  • Starmaker engine for sale

    Advertised in FB, a NOS Starmaker complete with carbs, coil and mousetrap device, in it's original crate. Yours for only $10,000 plus freight! Just what you need for that ME rebuild.....

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    That would make it the most expensive ME restoration at over 7k in English money. & that's just to buy the engine, add freight and import duty and that would be nearer 8k plus you need a bike to put it in, and engine will probably need a rebuilt, so add another 1000. I think the,Yanks are digging out their family silver. Weren't Pride & Clarke selling Starmaker engines for around 25 back in the day. Was shipped direct form Villiers to a USA customer. Engine number 2225H 757D 344
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      If it was Peter Inchley's complete Starmaker Special with a six speed gearbox it might be worth it.


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        Yes Pride & Shark did sell Starmaker engines, never knew what price but I think that was the origin of the one I had in a Greeves. Peter.