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Ever heard this one about a gearbox

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  • Ever heard this one about a gearbox

    I am reasonably familiar with Villiers 9e / 32a gearboxes and have re-built them in the past so I wasn't too bothered when I decided to renew the sleeve gear bearing and seal in the 32a engine I have. All went well as I meshed the witness marks on the toothed quadrant with the selector barrel gear. At least I did a dry run to check all was well. Not so.Gears all over the place and only three of them.
    To cut a long story short after about half a dozen tries it was clear that the dot on the quadrant should NOT line up with the line on the cam barrel if the thing was to work. Eventually I found the correct tooth engagement for the box to operate properly and marked it accordingly.
    But the question is, How can this be. I can't believe that Villiers got it so wrong all those years ago. Not possible surely. Maybe some components have been swapped from other gearboxes over the years.
    Has anyone else come across this before ? please tell !!

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    There has been a long-standing criticism of the Villiers instructions for re-assembling the gear-change, Clive. Answer has been to adopt one of the alternative methods described by Carrick and Wood in their Villiers Singles Improvements Handbook, which I will elaborate upon if you need, although these have very likely been described before on this Forum.
    Good to know that you have sorted your problem anyway.


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      Elaborate away please John. I have not read the handbook you mention but if you can highlight the method for tooth selection that would be very interesting. I just find it very strange that the factory marks which are very clear can be so far out. Why is that ? The Villiers manual seems to be quite specific as to the assembly method with pictures that seem easy to interpret and follow.
      Thanks and regards.


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        Have sent you a Private Message (or two), Clive ............ Should be with you now (?)
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          Thanks very much John, I will cogitate on the article.


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            Had same issue with a TES gearbox. We tried one of the other tricks for putting the cover back on (probably the same ones as John mentioned) with some success. But then it still wasn't right so we tried a different pawl/quadrant assembly and that made things a bit better. I forget where we got to in the end - that bike needs to come out for some maintenance soon.