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Electrex World Electronic Ignition for 2T

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  • Electrex World Electronic Ignition for 2T

    Had a phone call from an owner of a 25DCX today who has fitted the 6 volt version of the Electrex World ignition system sold by VS for the 2T. He has a problem in that the advance in the ignition retards to tdc after 4500 (the 2T peaks at 5500) thus effectively acting like a governor and stopping the bike going any faster. He has spoken to Electrex World and as usual with them they are of no help, when he asked for the designed advance curve they said they did not have one. Obviously the engine needs to stay fully advanced to its maximum revs.
    Generally though the bike starts easily and idles well from cold.

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    John, Very interesting post, I have been watching these Electrex World ignitions for 2T and 4T (notice they don't mention 3T's) for some time, they have been advertised as coming soon on Villiers Services website for a long time.
    I was very interested to see how they tackled the problem of crankpins not being exactly 180 degrees apart, Villiers provided separate adjustment for each cylinder.
    I believe that someone in the UK was making a one piece points backing plate with the points set at exactly 180 degrees, apparently it worked well on some bikes but not on
    others, it depended entirely on how accurately or inaccurately your crank had been pressed together.
    When I rebuilt my 3T crank some 3 years ago I marked it before dismantling it and reassembled the same way, didn't check it for being 180 the assumption being if it worked before it will
    work again, after refitting the side cover the point gaps were perfect and the LHS cylinder needed a slight tweek.
    I looked at the Electrex World fitting instructions and noted that the timing is fixed with no means of adjustment, as you can run the motor with the side cover removed it would be interesting to mark
    TDC of each cylinder on the flywheel then use a timing light to check the advance on each cylinder separately, that may give some clues as to the lack of performance.
    By the way you can print a 360 degree protractor from the internet, scale it to size and glue it to the flywheel.
    It will be very interesting to see what the problem is, I have seen advance curves in Electrex World technical data for Villiers singles but not for the twins.
    Cheers Pete from the Antipodes


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      Hi Pete
      Yes this would be a problem with Electex World (or any other electronic ignition). The fixed points system you mention was made by Pete Savage and as you say points were set at 180 degrees. I have a set on my 25DC East Coaster and they work well as the crank is in line. BUT I have heard of someone having problems where the crank has been rebuilt out of line, it only takes a minute amount (maybe less than one degree) to put the timing out on one cylinder. I will send you the email address of the 25DCX owner who is/was having problems with the advance and retard.


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        It is normal to retard the ignition at full revs, but not by that much, it helps to stop detonation and seizure


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          A lot of electronic ignition sytems for racing back the timing at high revs.