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  • Griffon Gearbox Info Required

    I am after information on the various Griffon Gearboxes & their ratios.
    I believe that there were 3 gearboxes close ratio (motocross) wide ratio (Desert) & extra wide (Enduro) & for all I know there were probably others back in the day?
    I have parts book pages for the early close ratio gearbox with fine series gears & the later close ratio gearbox with coarser gears & I also have the parts pages for the wide ratio Desert gear box which has the coarser gears.
    What I would like to find is the Enduro gearbox parts pages so I can find out if it was originally available in fine &/or coarse gears & their part numbers etc.
    Also I believe that there are Griffon gearbox specialists in the UK. As I am in Australia I would be interested in making contact with anyone that knows the ins & outs of these gearboxes.

    Murray Buhse

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    For "Chapter & Verse" info on Greeves gearboxes, Murray you probably need to speak with Geoff Nunn. I will PM you his telephone number here in the UK.

    Apparently, there is a Parts List for the Griffon Enduro model, GMC 194. Not sure what it contains, though. I have never had need to reference it.

    John R
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      Talking to Geoff Nunn makes good sense, Murray. Could I also suggest that you contact Kenny Sykes in the USA? He is on here as "Bearingman". He acquired Frank Conley's extensive Greeves spares stock and it is likely he will be able to supply what you need. His father-in-law was US Greeves importer Nick Nicholson, and he now trades as Nicholson Motors.
      Colin Sparrow


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        Villiers Services have close ratio and some wide ratio gears, I recently bought some wide ratio


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          Thanks for the info guys,

          I am in contact with Kenny Sykes & he is close to getting some gears together & I have contacted Villiers who are also looking at their stock so it is sort of looking promising for parts.

          I guess I was more after some documentary info on the various wide ratio gear boxes especially parts pages so I can put the thing back together correctly with the new gears. I have noticed that in the gearbox parts books that I have (close ratios & desert), the coarser pitch gearboxes have different spacers / thrust washers & quantities of same compared to the boxes that have the finer teeth gears. So I am a little apprehensive about the reassembly in due course.