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Greeves square barrels identification.

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  • Greeves square barrels identification.

    I have no doubt that this subject has come up before, but I have done a search with the search facility, and trawled through pages and pages, and cannot find anything.

    I have 3 square barrels, heads, pistons, sleeve bolt assemblies,which I have accumulated over time, and would like to identify them, as they could soon be in danger of actually being fitted to something!

    #1 has no markings, has a round inlet port 1 3/16" diameter, and came with a 2" long cast ali downdraught inlet manifold, flanged for an Amal carb. It is on unused standard bore, having been apparently re-sleeved, and the transfer ports have been machined out to the bottom of the liner.

    #2 is marked MD, so that does seem self-explanatory! + 0.40" on a new rebore and piston, it has oval inlet port, with a matching steel downdraft inlet manifold for an 1 1/4" Amal. The transfer ports are actually ported through the liner, unlike #1.

    #3 is marked M20. it is + 0.030", again on a fresh rebore with new piston.The inlet port is oval, measuring approx,1 5/8" in width.

    I do have a couple of manifolds suitable for Villiers carbs as well.

    Any clues much appreciated.


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    Ian, M20 = MDS, M27 = Silverstone.
    Square 66mm has ten horizontal fins, has slot cast in fins between exh and transfer port, Challenger 66mm has nine horizontal fins, continuous fins wider at front.
    Combustion chamber offset for trials, full circle for scrambles.
    Info from John Woods book Villiers singles. Dogsbody


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      Thanks for that. That is one out of three then!

      M20 is the model number for the MDS, likewise M27 is the model number of the RAS Silverstone. Does it follow that all the barrels were simply stamped with the machine model number? It would make sense. Thus, a 24TES would be stamped either M19A, or M25A, depending on whether Mk1 or Mk2; a TFS M36, and so on....?

      That doesn't explain the barrel stamped MD though?



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        I saw 2 barrels in a friends store today both had MD stamped on them that's strange this has come up today


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          That is very interesting, Gary......

          However, not a lot of help!


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            Just bumping this thread, because we haven't really got the answer, apart from the welcome reply from Dogsbody, with his reference from the Carrick/Wood Villiers tuning book. However, that is not by any means the complete picture, as there were no doubt several variants over time, even excluding the early ones with the interchangeable transfer ports and chrome bores. It is not those, but all that came after, with steel liners, I am interested in. There is a page on them in Colin's book, but the markings are not mentioned, and I don't think there is mention of markings in the Carrick/Walker Greeves book.

            I am sure someone out there must know!



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              Ian, I have a few drawings of the liners for some models if you are interested. Rob


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                Originally posted by Rob View Post
                Ian, I have a few drawings of the liners for some models if you are interested. Rob
                Rob. Yes, I would be interested in those. It would help with identification.
                How do we go about me getting my grubby little mitts on them?

                Many thanks. Ian


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                  Drop me an email so that I have your mail address and tell me which ones you would like and I'll have a dig. Probably a couple of trials and likewise scrambles. I'll also see if I have a Silverstone as a comparison. Easy as that!


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                    Rob. Message sent; many thanks. Ian