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Chaincase seal

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  • Chaincase seal

    The clutch oil seal in the challenger ? chaincase is in a sealed metal sleeve. Any reason why the rolled over part cannot be ground off and the seal replaced, maybe Loctited in? Seems over complicated and expensive. Dogsbody

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    Chaincase seal

    I have a challenger and the reason for the seal that is fitted is so that when you put spacers between the engine and gearbox the seal can move. You do this to tighten the primary chain with C washers. If you look carefully you will find that the seal can move a little within the housing and still remain in complete contact with the shaft.
    I had to fit the pieces when I changed my original chaincase with only 3 fittings to the later one with 6 bolts. The housing appears to be a slightly loose fit but the reason is as mentioned above. The seal housing is held in place by small rivets.
    I bought all the necessary parts at the AGM autojumble advised by Dave Harper who knows a thing or two about Greeves bikes.
    Come to the AGM and you will most likely be able to get all the parts you need.


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      Mike, I wasn't referring to the sliding piece but the seal itself. It appears to be a steel sleeve with an oil seal in it,then a steel washer with the sleeve folded over.


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        Problem solved. Found an oil seal 1"x 1 3/4" x 3/8" same overall dimension double lipped for 1.99 +vat. Thanks. Colin