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Technical Information

Over the years, Greeves produced a large quantity of printed information, some for use only within the factory and other material supplied for the use of dealers, riders, etc. In addition, there have been many articles published in the motorcycling press. Hello

Parts books

Sometimes illustrated, sometimes not, parts books were produced for most machines and copies still turn up at autojumbles today. Whatever it is, if it ever existed at all, someone in the GRA will have a copy. See also the master list of Greeves publications.

Instruction books

Sometimes known as 'Service Notes', instruction books were produced either for individual machines or groups of machines. As with parts books, these still turn up today.

Sales brochures

Although not a prolific producer of sales information, some items were produced over the years, particularly with the Griffon range.

Magazine articles

Ever since Greeves motorcycles first appeared on the scene, magazines have been writing about them! Articles range from full road tests and engine strips to owners experiences and tuning mods.


Among titles to watch out for are Don Morley's excellent 'British Two-Stroke Trials Bikes' and the Osprey Villiers title. In terms of books mostly about Greeves, the now-out-of print Osprey title and Derek Pickard's 'British Two-Stroke Racer' are well worth looking out for on the seconhand market but expect to pay a high price.