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Old 13/02/2018, 07:05 PM
Anzani man Anzani man is offline
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Default Anzani engine dateing

Hi, Happy New Year to you all.
Is there any body out there who can help me date an Anzani engine? The engine is fitted in a 1955 DMW mk5 motorcross. The original engine number from library archives is A48501. The engine number was changed around 1960 to 1843, which is clearly stamped and on the brass plate. CC correct as 242 in the vehicle registration archives.
Many thanks.
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Old 14/02/2018, 10:06 PM
Stuart Baskill Stuart Baskill is offline
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I don't think that a scrambler would be fitted originally with an Anzani engine.I have several Greeves Anzani bikes.My engine numbers are between 1000 and 2500.In the book Villiers twins and singles by Roy Bacon he states that the 1954 25D started with engine number 1002.The 1955 25D started at 1041,the 1956 25D started at1146.It then jumps to 1956 25R starting at 2625 then strangely 1957 25R starts at 2548.The 32D started at 2902 for 1957. I think that possibly engine numbers started at 1000 then jumped to start at 2000 when the fin area increased.They were only made in small numbers and used by Greeves 1953-57 ,Norman 1955-57 ,Cotton 1955-60 as far as I know.They were neither fast or reliable.I am always trying to buy Anzani parts if anyone has any.
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Old 15/02/2018, 07:37 AM
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John Wakefield John Wakefield is offline
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Slightly digressing I hear that Sammy Miller is restoring an Anzani engined Greeves for his collection
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