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Old 07/08/2016, 10:56 PM
Stuart Baskill Stuart Baskill is offline
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Originally Posted by ADickerson View Post
Well, I guess it serves me right, I was after all fishing for a reply from our learned colleague, and he certainly didn't let me down. Aided by an even younger Thompson the razor like wit seems as sharp as ever, I nearly fell off my stool laughing when reading the responses, Greta thought I was having a fit.
How's that for grovelling, Mr Lap scorer (Assistant part timer).
Have you made any progress with your 25SA? How many racers have you won on it ??????/
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Old 19/05/2017, 08:21 PM
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Stuart, whatever made you think that winning was the aim when coming to the line at Pre 65 events! Normally we think we've won just by managing to get the bike to start and run sufficiently to make it on to the line in the first place.
Have to confess that I received a phone call from a fellow Pre65'er today on the topic of 2t scramblers which inspired me to visit the thread once again. I've subsequently re read it from start to finish and apart from the obvious embarassment of still not completing the project it has given me a very good chuckle. Thanks one and all for your humour, which scored heavily when compared to any sound advice received. It was a joy to re visit.
While the project is still not complete it is by no means dead. Progress has been made in that designs of expansion chamber have materialised into first off models, a rare photo of one is attached. Encouraging results from engine testing were being scrupulously recorded up to the point where the selotape gave way and the chamber blew apart resulting in an unholy din which brought the entire neighbour watch team round in angry protest. The resulting furore left us with little option but to move house thus causing another delay in it's completion. Once settled into our new abode I'll make sure to post any further progress as/when it occurs.
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