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Old 17/11/2017, 04:56 PM
tony tony is offline
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I think it is a little light, however it might be nearer in colour to those bikes that have faded in colour due to sunlight. Of course it is a very personal thing and with my taste in 'Moorland orange' I would be the last person to say what should be used and what should not. However the powder mix that John sorted originally matches well to what original parts I have.

An original photo of a Ranger outside the factory, the paint is quite dark

The one on the left is RAL5001

Tank has been powder coated with John's 'recipe'

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Old 17/11/2017, 06:16 PM
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Phil Hyde Phil Hyde is online now
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Default Ral 5001

I agree, RAL 5001 is a very good match for Moorland Blue. For as long as I have been interested in Greeves the factory lore of this colour has never failed to generate healthy debate.
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Old 19/11/2017, 11:39 AM
IanCordes IanCordes is offline
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As I understood it from previous Moorland Blue threads, there was rarely a consistency of shade back in the day, when, without computerised colour matching and batch mixing, each batch would have been mixed by hand when needed, with maybe a bit more black going in, or whatever!

The benefit of RAL 5001 is that, as well as powder-coat being available, it is also available off the shelf for 14 a litre in cellulose, and even in rattle cans. This will make life much easier for having odd small parts re-done.

One could debate the originality of a particular mix, but powder-coating wasn't done originally, it does look different from original finishes, so which ever route the individual restorer takes is fine, I reckon.
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Old 19/11/2017, 05:23 PM
tony tony is offline
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Location: Near to Exeter
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Quite true Ian, it is always about personal choice that is why you see so many different shades (50) of Moorland blue. Stainless steel, powder coating as you point out is not correct and since Cadmium plating is no longer carried out then you have to use a substitute.

If RAL 5001 gives you the colour you like great. However I don't think it is quite right for me, it certainly does not match as well as the made up powder on any parts I have compared it with.
True if you want to match in with a rattle can a standard RAl colour can be obtained off the shelf, however I have a local company who can match any colour with a 'wet' paint.
I will probably get a batch made as like you I have several bikes to paint and the cost and aggro of shipping to Suffolk is prohibitive.
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