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Old 10/07/2017, 08:13 AM
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Default Check that your bike is taxed on DVLA web site?

If you have recently re taxed off SORN your bike (or other vehicle) thats on free historic tax, and you have renewed at a Post Office check on line on the DVLA web site that the transaction has gone through. A vintage bus that I took to a rally yesterday was still showing on SORN despite the owner taxing it at a Post Office a week earlier. Looks like the Post Office transaction failed to go through although the owner did have the receipt from the PO. Always retain the PO receipt.

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Old 10/07/2017, 01:59 PM
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I had exactly the same thing with an Enfield but I didn't find out it was not taxed until I didn't receive a tax reminder!

I went through a week and a half of daily emails with Swansea who could do no matter than quote from scripts and do everything but answer my question as to what had happened. I'm sute they must use some call handling bureau somewhere (India?). They told me how to register the vehicle, tax it, you name it. I sent them the receipt from the PO and then they were baffled and fetched a grown-up who said the PO must have got it wrong! Not them of course! Answers to a simple question such as why the error was not picked up somewhere sent them back into script mode so I finally gave up!

Lesson here is to check on line hat you are actually taxed!

As what was once the PO in my local Co-op is now combined with the food tills, I have given up helping them justify their existence and now do everything on line.
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Old 11/07/2017, 11:58 AM
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More of the technical cock ups with the computerised life style we are all told will make life easier, and cost us all less, and save us
money!! . What was wrong with the post office , you paid, got your lioence disc and displayed it, evertone knew who had paid and no arguing or chasing all round the country with phone calls e mails and all the othe B______s that we have today,
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