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Old 26/03/2018, 10:04 AM
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Default 1961 Greeves MCS Carb Question

Hi just hoping someone can answer my question, I have the original carb that arrived with the non running bike, but speaking to Amal they say its off a Francis Barnett. 389/27 and say their book says 389/53 for a 1963 model

Would any of the members have more information on which carb is original to this model and maybe what jets I would be requiring

looking at Greeves idendtification, with frame and engine numbers its a
1961 24 MCS, 256cc Villiers 34A M18 61/3650

Its was only made for 1 year with that engine, so just a bit confused to go with what I have or go with their recommendations.

Cheer Dave
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Old 26/03/2018, 11:12 AM
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Default MCS Carb settings

This from Carrick & Walker 'Greeves' book

24MCS 246cc
Engine: 34A/GR
Carb: Amal 389 1 3/16"
Main Jet: 380
Pilot Jet: 25
Jet taper: .109
Throttle: 3 1/2

No mention of a number after / but this usually relates to choke arrangement, ie cable or lever operated.
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Old 08/04/2018, 08:27 AM
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Thanks John that information is very useful thanks again for your reply
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Old 08/04/2018, 05:58 PM
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Hi Dobbin, good to see you've had a prompt and accurate response. The sizes shown are also stated in the Villiers hand book for that model.
From my own experience of running a 1960 Hawkstone I just couldn't get it to run cleanly with the jet sizes stated. No matter what adjustments I made to the valve mixture screw or what notch the circlip was positioned in it would four stroke awfully at some stage during the throttle opening process.
After several months of frustration I eventually solved the problem by fitting a .105T needle jet. (I believe T stands for two stroke, either way it doesn't have the two cross drilled holes in it, as the four stroke version does) The needle jets do wear so maybe worth purchasing a new one anyway and for the price they are it may be worth getting a .106T as well to give you some adjustment.
Now I've no idea why mine wouldn't run on a .109 unless it was because in those times the bikes were fitted with open mega's whereas today we tend to run with expansion chambers and silencer. Just thought it worth mentioning in case you run into difficulties setting up. All other sizes and positions etc were as stated above. Good luck
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