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Old 15/03/2018, 09:44 AM
CarlT CarlT is offline
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Originally Posted by MarkM View Post
Ok well i'll tell you what has worked for me. It appears that lots of these calls are linked to say a mainframe or working list (call it what you will) shared by a group. Show them you are bonkers rather than fully compus mentis. Whenever they rang me i stopped them straight away and asked them if I could ask a question first before they started. They would say yes, then I would say 'do you believe there is life on other planets'. They either put the phone down straight away or even asked me if I wanted taking off their call list!! Problem sorted - don't think I've have had one sales or other call within the last 9mths
Thanks for making me get coffee all over my computer, going to try this one for sure.
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Old 15/03/2018, 10:35 AM
John Wakefield's Avatar
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These w*****s soon get off the line when they realise you are wasting their time. They obviously get paid for the number of calls they make. Must be sad hard up individuals to make call after call to people who dont want to hear from them, and take all the abuse thrown at them. It does not help their case that in most cases they cant even speak good English, and the phone line connection is often rubbish. If I have a bit of time I sometime wind them up a bit. Then put the number in call blocker.
If you are uncertain about the number and want to find more, this web site usually has some info. You can also report them with the ICO
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Old 15/03/2018, 02:00 PM
Brian Catt Brian Catt is offline
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I'll do what MarkM suggested, once I get back home from visiting the Starship Enterprise! They had a collision with the Tardis when it's timing slipped!
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