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Nice one Stuart, I'd better get a move on then!
Interesting, if opposing views otherwise and I'm grateful to both contributors for their thoughts. I'd being trying to weigh up the benefits of each but can come to no clear conclusion. So, to assist heat transfer I've resolved to making one from Aluminium, while on the opposite tack I'll make another from Tufnol to see which might have the best effect. I accept there are no fins on either of the inner transfer ports but as the exhaust gases presumably shouldn't penetrate beyond the piston at BDC then each could be cooled by the incoming fresh mixture! I am also aware that the "fresh" mixture might not quite be that, as it will no doubt be a mix of fresh gas and those that have been circulating around the crank for several revolutions previously!
Now, where's the YAG Laser! Sorry, I mean bandsaw and files.
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