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Default 2T Centre seal

Returning from spectating at a classic race meeting in Holland at the weekend my usually totally reliable 25DC started to play up.
Steady state running on the flat was OK at about 45mph but when the engine had to work it started missing with popping in the silencer and "made smoke" on a grand scale.
When we stopped I checked out the ignition, points, carb, plugs etc but could find nothing wrong.
After a slow ride up to home from Hull I had a closer look at ignition etc. But could not bottom it.
Over the years I have replaced big ends, bearings and seals so now have started to worry about the centre seal.
Remembering something I read a while ago, I have removed the barrels and filled one crankcase with petrol and it looks very much as though the level is going down. I will leave it until morning to check properly but I guess this is an indication that the seal is leaking.
If it is the centre seal is it a job for VS or can an M/C engineer replace it?
Any advice as to how to proceed would be appreciated ?
Regards Ken
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