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Colin Sparrow 19/06/2017 11:52 AM

GRA to the Rescue!
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Yesterday I took part in the VMCC Banbury Run on my 1930 Scott. Hottest day of the year so far, and it certainly felt like it. The 'ole gal is usually pretty reliable and a third or fourth kick starter but yesterday was cutting out now and again. I put that down to the heat and prayed it wouldn't get worse.

We ascended the famous Sunrising Hill (1 in 6 at its steepest) OK, revving away in second and pulled into the layby at the top to let things cool down a bit and to add water to the radiator as planned.

When it came to restart, she wouldn't go. After quite a few sweaty kicks I decided to change the plugs as I thought I'd probably oiled them. Spectators were starting to take an interest, then a welcome voice said "Hello Colin, I didn't recognise you until you took your helmet off".

It was friend and GRA Treasurer Mick Williams who was watching the parade of 400+ vintage bikes pass by. And I'd pulled up smack opposite him.

Anyway, we checked for a spark by the "shocking" method - you wouldn't see a spark in the sunshine anyway. Ouch - magneto working OK!

New plugs in but she still didn't want know. Mick and his friend tried to bump start me in 2nd but to no avail. I was pretty much resigned to ringing for rescue (and it was HOT) but they thought they could manage one go in 1st. To their eternal credit, she started and off I rode.

The Scott, bless her, didn't play up again for the rest of the ride.

So thanks very much chaps; you rescued my day!

Brian Catt 19/06/2017 07:36 PM

I thought you were going to say it only started after you had lain the bike on it's left side to clear the main jet.....

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