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Villiers Services Acquires Nametab Engineering

After many years of providing an excellent service to Villiers owners, particularly in the kart world, Simon has decided to call it a day and sell his entire stock to Villiers Services. Simon worked really hard as a small business owner with 60 to 70 hour weeks being common. Simon's premises were ceasing to be available as of this December; his insurers were making ever increasing demands and these issues provided the final factors that made up his mind.

Having worked in conjunction with Villiers Services, they were the natural choice to be offered first refusal. Steve Gollings of Villiers Services wishes to make it quite clear that they have worked in conjunction with Simon to ensure that manufacture of parts will continue as before. Steve also points out that the Company are bike enthusiasts, riding whenever time allows, particularly in trials.

Heads, barrels, cranks and Griffon clutches will all continue to be available as before. For example, Simon has handed over the manufacturing detail of the Griffon clutch such that the components can be made by any available suitable CNC machine. Crank components were always manufactured by Alpha's of Dudley and this will continue as before. Simon will also continue to give Steve any ongoing guidance required as to suppliers and useful engineering companies, etc. Quite often, Simon and Steve have either both worked with the same suppliers or are familiar with them so that factor will also aid the transition.

Pistons will continue to be available up to +0.100" oversize in both the VS type and Simon's forged version. Steve is hopeful that future manufacturing of all Villiers parts will make use of the economies of scale to maybe even make some parts cheaper.

Steve says the Company have a clear road ahead to continue supplying good quality parts to Villiers owners. Although he realises that they now have pretty much of a monopoly on the market, with that comes the responsibility to provide a good service and that is what they intend to do. I have always found Steve very helpful and good to deal with and I see no reason why this should change.

Finally, a big thanks to Simon for all he has done for us over the years. He will certainly be missed at the various jumbles, not to mention his readily available words of advice. Simon will continue to complete outstanding work for customers before the door finally closes for the last time.